These are the UK cities you should move to for the highest salary

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Looking for a career change? If you’ve got money on your mind, it might be worth moving to one of these cities…

London is generally considered the UK’s hub of big business. And, as the majority of large enterprises opt to plonk their head offices in the big smoke, this, in turn, drives up the salary average of the capital (there’s a reason so many graduates up sticks and move to London, you know).

However, has looked at data analysed by jobs website Adzuna on over one million job listings to find the typical salary offered in every UK city and town, and it seems as if the North of England is catching up with London. Edinburgh and Aberdeen have both been ranked within the top 10 paying cities in the country, with the Scottish capital offering an average salary of £34,145 and Aberdeen following closely with an average of £32,280. 

Salaries in the southeast of England are also increasing, with the average weekly wages of cities like Oxford, Slough, Cambridge, Milton Keynes, Crawley and Reading all topping £600, which according to the BBC is above national average, which currently stands at £539. These are closely followed by Edinburgh at £598, Aberdeen at £597 and Derby at £595. 

In contrast, the lowest weekly wages in the country are in Southend on Sea in Essex, with an average of just £413. Huddersfield is also less than financially fruitful, at £424. As is Birkenhead and Wigan at £428 and £436, respectively.

Could London be your next venture?

If you’re thinking about moving to a new city or want to restart your career and take a different direction, these are the 20 best places to do it in terms of high paying salary:

1. London: £727

2. Reading: £655

3. Crawley: £633

4. Milton Keynes: £619

5. Cambridge: £609

6. Slough: £606

7. Oxford: £600

8. Edinburgh: £598

9. Aberdeen: £597

10. Derby: £595

Could it be time for a change? 

11. Aldershot: £588

12. Southampton: £579

13. Luton: £571

14. Swindon: £560

15. Bristol: £547

16. Leeds: £533

17. Coventry: £532

18. Birmingham: £527

19. Glasgow: £526

20. Gloucester: £526 

According to research conducted by LinkedIn, millennials will change jobs on average four times in the 10 years since their graduation and they’ll explore 60% more industries in their first five years out of university than previous generations. 

So the idea of moving to a new city and taking on a new job, whether in the same field or an entirely new one, isn’t such a crazy one. 

Whether you’re wondering if your 30s is a good time to make the move (spoiler alert: it is), at a loss of how to change industries (don’t worry, we’ve got you) or just need some career advice on securing your dream job, then do check out our careers section. It’s packed to the brim with more advice than you can shake a Filofax at.

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