Using these two phrases at work could help boost your career

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According to a careers expert, it can take just two words to change your career.

Professor Bernard Roth of Stanford University, aka the writer of The Achievement Habit: Stop Wishing, Start Doing, and Take Command of Your Life,  believes that making two small alterations to the way we speak at work can help us to achieve more in the workplace. 

A firm advocate of “design thinking”, Roth believes the key to approaching our work positively is determined by the word choices we use. 

Design thinking is a solution-focused and action-orientated school of thought that looks at positive thinking to create a preferred future. Drawing upon logic, imagination, intuition, and systemic reasoning, it seeks to remove the negative connotations of problem-solving that can frustrate us throughout our career.

So, what’s the golden recipe?

First of all, instead of using the words “have to”, we should use “want to”, he tells Indy 100.

By doing this, we take ownership for our actions, and ensure that we understand our role in the choices we make.

In using “have to”, we exaggerate the obligatory element of our work tasks, and have a less open attitude towards doing them.

And when you’re faced with a problem, don’t say “but”, say “and”.

The word “but” indicates that the problem creates an either/or choice, when both elements of the issue need to be considered on equal footing to create a solution.

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