These are the New Year’s resolutions that will get you promoted in 2019

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Although the turn of the new year always leads us to think about self-improvement, resolutions aren’t simply reserved for personal transformation. Here, LinkedIn careers expert Darain Faraz explains how a few well-chosen goals they can turn our professional fortunes around

Whether you’re searching for a new job, planning a career change, or simply looking to take the next step in your role with your current company, there are a few specific New Year’s resolutions that will put you on the path to career success. Below, LinkedIn careers expert Darain Faraz shares the resolutions that will help you meet your professional goals.

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1. Determine what success means to you in 2019

“First and foremost, at the beginning of the year, sit down and re-evaluate where you want to be in your career. Remember: success doesn’t have to be binary and based on income or promotion, it’s about what makes you happy. And if you don’t know, that’s fine! Think about the key goals you want to achieve: it can be anything from learning a new skill to getting better at managing your diary. Write them down so you have them in your mind.”

2. Dedicate more time to networking

“Take the time to grow your network, whether that’s attending industry events or simply adding colleagues, uni friends and other professional contacts on LinkedIn. The connections you make and the relationships you form are often your best resource for finding your way into a new job or opportunity.”

3. Find yourself a career mentor

“According to a recent study, only 3% of young professionals have a mentor, yet two out of five would like one. Mentors can give you an unbiased, experienced view of your position and industry and will be able to give you sound advice on your career, whether that’s your trajectory or a specific piece of work - or even finding a new role. Try using an online service to easily connect with a range of mentors in your industry who will be able to give advice on the year ahead.”

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4. Take up something new for 2019

“To improve your productivity in the workplace and maintain the ever-important work-life balance, it’s vital to take up an activity outside of work that you’re passionate about. Whether that’s sport, learning a new language or teaching yourself a craft, they can all take your mind off work and can help you to get perspective on your day-to-day routine.”

5. Don’t compare yourself to others 

“You’ve heard it all before, but comparing yourself professionally to friends, family or colleagues is a sure-fire way to get yourself into a work rut. By concentrating on your own successes and goals, you’ll maintain focus on the things that are important to you and your career.”

6. De-clutter and update your CV & LinkedIn profile

“At the beginning of the year, take the time to de-clutter and update your LinkedIn profile and CV. Whether you’re looking for a new job right now, or you’re happy where you currently are, your online presence is the shop window to you as a professional. So why not freshen up your profile with a new picture (even a selfie works) or add in all the great projects you’ve worked on in the last year to your summary section.”

7. Make the most of your commute

“Finally, the minutes you spend travelling to work every morning can really add up over the year, so why not make the most of it: download an online course, buy a new book or read a paper. See your commute as a chance to learn something new as you head into work and expand your mind.”

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