How well do you know the person sitting next to you?

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You spend more time with them than your family but what does your desk mate really think? It’s time to take Stylist’s Top 20 Big Questions...

We spend the equivalent of 11.5 years at work in a lifetime. But do we really know who we’re sitting next to? And do they have any idea about us?

Often it’s only by accident that we discover the ideals and morals that make people who they are. So we’ve devised 20 Big Questions which should reveal your colleagues’, friends’ and partners’ deepest beliefs. Ask them now, but prepare to do no work for a while.

1. Would you torture a cat in order to save your mum?

It’s a cruel question but when it comes to medical testing some people think it’s vital. Do you?

2. Do you have any tattoos?

A regrettable dolphin? A huge back etching? The words “Gary forever”? A tattoo can speak volumes about someone

3. Do you believe in a god?

It’s The Big One. The question that has fired up everyone from atheist Richard Dawkins to Springfield resident Homer Simpson. So which side of the fence are you on?

4. Do you agree with the Death Penalty?

We’re a civilised society which means we shouldn’t kill, right? But is it really always that clear cut?

5. Can Murder be justified?

Is killing another person ever OK? How about if it’s in self-defence or protecting a member of your family?

6. Should Prisoners be allowed to vote?

Is it a) “Yes – it’s an essential part of their rehabilitation into society” or b) “No – they forfeited their democratic rights once they committed a crime”.

7. Have you ever seen a ghost or UFO?

More Britons believe in ghosts (42%) than God (38%). So does that make them real? Or are 42% of us utterly delusional?

8. Does everyone deserve free health care?

Should a smoker or heavy drinker instantly drop down the priority list or should health care be non-judgmental?

9. Are you a dog or a cat person?

Dog people = sociable; cat people = neurotic but creative. So which one are you?

10. Do you have teddies on your bed...

And if you do does that mean you’re stuck in arrested development? Discuss…

11. Would you ever stop to break up a fight between strangers?

Or would you turn and walk the other way instead?

12. Have you ever stolen anything and would you again?

A third of Brits have shoplifted at self-service check-outs. Are you one of them?

13. Is it ever ok to slap a child?

Some argue that it’s totally unacceptable while other people think slapping a child can be a useful form of discipline on occasion.

14. How old is too old to breast feed?

And we’re not talking the mothers’ age… It’s one of the most contentious issues out there at the moment.

15. Would you forgive infidelity?

According to dating site Illicit Encounters, women are less likely to forgive than men. So does that make us too hardor sensible self-respecting beings?

16. Have you cheated on an exam?

Have you always been 100% honest? Really? This one really divided the Stylist team.

17. Would you mind if your partner had a lap dance?

Innocent fun, adultery or the ultimate misogyny?

18. Should terminally ill people have a right to die?

Legalising this is unlikely but do you believe you have the right to choose when you die?

19. Do you believe in opt-out organ donation?

52% of Welsh respondents are in favour. But are you siding with the other 48%?

20. How important are table manners?

It can make or break a first date (intellectual reference: The Lady And The Tramp) but do they really matter?

What big questions would you ask your colleagues? Let us know in the comments below or @StylistMagazine on twitter and Facebook.

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