Revealed: the UK’s top 10 happiest jobs

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Kayleigh Dray
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When it comes to finding the perfect job, there are lots of factors to consider; the hours, the wages, the bonuses, the commute…

But, on the whole, we’re all looking for one crucial thing – happiness.

Which is why, when we heard that research had been conducted into which jobs make employees the happiest, we were all ears.

Conducted by the UK’s Cabinet Office, the research conducted a number of polls and surveys, in which they challenged employees to rate their overall life satisfaction.

The results were somewhat surprising, with members of the clergy taking the sweet spot on the Top 10 list.

We guess, when you’re working for a boss you really believe in, going to work feels like a dream.

Farmers, medical practitioners, and hotel proprietors also made the list.

Check it out…

Top 10 jobs that make people happy

  1. Clergy
  2. Chief executives and senior officials of companies
  3. Managers of agriculture and horticulture
  4. Company secretaries
  5. Quality assurance and regulatory professionals
  6. Health care practice managers
  7. Medical practitioners
  8. Farmers
  9. Hotel and accommodation managers and proprietors
  10. Skilled metal, electrical and electronic trades supervisors


It’s an eclectic bunch, isn’t it?

However, while they couldn’t be more different in terms of what employees actually do, the top rated jobs all had some pretty big things in common.

Think fair pay, a sense of achievement, complexity, variety and control.

On the flipside, however, came the jobs that made people unhappiest.

Plastics producing company operatives were revealed to be the most miserable, with bar staff and care workers not far behind.

Somewhat surprisingly, however, were the fact that sports and leisure assistants felt such low job satisfaction.

After all, if there’s one thing we’ve learned from Legally Blonde’s Elle Woods, it’s this: exercise releases endorphins, and endorphins make you happy.

Nevertheless, here’s the list…

Top 10 jobs that make people unhappy

  1. Plastics producing company operative
  2. Bar staff
  3. Care escorts
  4. Sports and leisure assistants
  5. Telesales
  6. Floorers and wall tilers
  7. Industrial cleaning process occupations
  8. Debt, rent and other cash collectors
  9. Construction workers
  10. Managers of licensed premises

If your job appears on that list, or neither list, don’t despair. 


It’s worth taking away the fact that a satisfying job relies on you negotiating a fair wage, as well as feeling supported by your company, capable in what you’re being asked to do, and challenged (in the best possible way).

And, as demonstrated by the clergy’s place on the list, it also helps if you are truly passionate about what you do.

After all, if you believe your job is your calling, you’re far more likely to appreciate it in the long-run.


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