Laura Whitmore in lockdown.

Working from home with a partner? Laura Whitmore knows the struggle

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Laura Whitmore is the latest guest on the Working from Home with Stylist podcast, and her lockdown experience is oh-so relatable so many of us working from home alongside a partner. 

It might be hard to believe, but we’ve now been in lockdown for well over two months. This means that, for many of us, we’ve been navigating the ups-and-downs of working from home for 10 weeks. 

While some have well and truly got into the groove, there’s no denying that this way of working still presents its problems for others – especially if you have kids, or a really rubbish wifi connection.

One obstacle that a lot of people have had to overcome is working at home alongside a partner. 

Who gets to use the desk? What happens when you both need to take a conference call in the same room? Why must they eat that packet or crisps so loudly? 

One person who knows the realities of this is Laura Whitmore, who lives with her partner Iain Stirling. Both presenters have continued to work throughout lockdown, and they’ll be appearing on the celebrity version of Gogglebox together.

Whitmore appeared on the latest episode of the Working from Home with Stylist podcast to tell editor Alix Walker about how she’s been getting on, and it’s very relatable stuff.

“Work has been really busy, I’m lucky to be busy at home because I’m just that type of person – I don’t do sitting at home, not doing much, watching telly very well. I need to learn to take a day off,” Whitmore says.

“I’ve kind of taken over my other half’s office. He had a gaming room, and I used to go mad thinking ‘am I dating a 12 year old? […] Why have you got four controllers when you need one?’”

She continues: “I never realised until now – he’d go into his office, I’d go to my office – that he’s got really good equipment. I do my radio show for BBC 5 Live and I got the equipment and just left it in his room. Because he’s got the bigger table and I’ve set up on one side, so I’ve invaded his space. But it’s been good.” 

Whitmore also says it’s important that “no matter what size space you’ve got at home, you’ve got that little corner or space that’s different to where you spend dinner or where you wake up”.

You can listen to the full interview on the latest episode of Working from Home with Stylist.

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