Quiz: what's your work-life balance type?

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How many times have you skipped your lunchbreak? Do you log in to check your work emails when you’re on holiday? How often do you find yourself too exhausted to cook after a tiring they at the office? And have you ever missed your mum’s birthday, or fended off calls from your friends, because you’re working late again?

There’s no denying that the demands of the modern workplace are tough, made even more so by the fact we now have access to technology which allows us to be logged in to the office wherever we are in the world.

So it makes sense that one of the best ways to protect your mental health against work-related stress is to ensure you have a healthy work-life balance.

Karen Meager, a successful psychotherapist and author, has teamed up with Stylist and Clinique to design a quiz that will help you determine how effective your work-balance skills are.

From the rigid compartmentaliser to the scatty crammer, the fair-minded equalizer to the workaholic, she has broken things down into four main work-balance types – and offered her advice on how to improve things if you’re finding them tough.

Time to find out how good you are at juggling...