It’s official: this is the age when we finally secure our dream job

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Landing your dream job isn’t as far off as you might think… 

We all have a fair idea of what our dream job looks like, don’t we? For some of us it’s making our way up in a male-dominated industry like tech; for others, it’s living in Greece looking after many cats.

But one thing’s for sure: it takes hard work to secure jobs in general in 2018.

With 30% of people embarking upon a new job every 12 months and unemployment at a record 42-year low, now’s the time to set your sights on that ideal role because it’s not as far off as you might think.

According to new research, 85% of working adults in the UK don’t feel as though they’re currently working in their dream job – but they’re working their way towards the end result.

The research, carried out by F&C Investment Fund, also found that us millennials are a super hopeful bunch – in comparison to previous generations – as we believe we’ll be working in our ideal role at some point in our lives, more than likely in around six years’ time. 

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As it turns out, such a positive mindset will pay off as the researchers found that most working adults land their dream job by the age of 33 so, hang on in there! And, even when we do land that perfect position we won’t stay in the same industry for our entire working lives as only 11% surveyed said they’ll work in the same field for life.

“Our research highlights how focused millennials are about their futures, especially in terms of career ambitions. For the most part they are optimistic about achieving their dream job in just a few years,” said Ross Duncton of global investment firm BMO. 

“However, there are a few barriers that they need to overcome,” Duncton added. “For example, they realise they will need a ‘buffer’ of over £3,000 to manage the move towards their ‘dream’ job.

“Perhaps they should take learning from those that already have found their dream jobs. Just under half of those who have already made the transition say they wished they had saved money to do it sooner. While it may be hard to visualise your future self, breaking the big picture down into small, more manageable goals can help.”

The study also found the top 10 dream jobs for UK adults:

  1. Writer
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. Property developer
  4. Actress
  5. Author
  6. Businesswoman
  7. Hotel/B&B owner
  8. Medical professional
  9. Environmentalist
  10. Financial services professional

And guess what? Job satisfaction improves with age – people aged over 55 enjoy their jobs the most, while only 30% aged 18 to 35 currently enjoy their jobs.

If you’re on the hunt to secure your dream job in 2019 then follow our expert advice to dusting off your CV and putting yourself out there.

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