Fancy being paid to cuddle kittens all day long?

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Kayleigh Dray
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We love our jobs here at Stylist, but if there’s one complaint we could make, it’s this: there just aren’t enough cute kittens to play with. In fact, if we think about it long and hard, we come to the horrifying realisation that there’s not even one fluffy feline to keep all us hard-working feminists company.

Not even one. Which is why our ears pricked up when we heard that a veterinary clinic is on the hunt for a professional ‘cat cuddler’.

Anyone else already started drafting up their resignation letter in their head?

Just Cats – which is based in Clonsilla, Dublin – is on the hunt for a self-confessed “crazy cat person” with “gentle hands capable of petting and stroking cats for long periods of time”.

And there are a few other requirements, too. You need to be “softly spoken and capable of cat whispering”, for example, and have an “ability to understand different types of purring”.

You also need to (obviously) “love cats” and have bags of “cattitude”, whatever that may mean.

If all of this sounds like you, then you could be just the person they’re looking for.

Writing on their website, the folks in charge of Just Cats explain: “We are looking for someone to work with our feline-friendly staff in a 'no dogs' veterinary clinic.

“We are an equal opportunities employer, however we do discriminate against dogs attending our veterinary clinic as patients.”

Perhaps not a place for ‘dog people’. But it most definitely is a dream job for anyone who counts kittens in their sleep, stops to stroke every moggy they come across, leaves out plates of tuna for the local strays and has been known to spend hours and hours trying to coax a grumpy puss into their lap for a cuddle.

Seriously considering this job? Here’s the information that may just tip you over the edge: study after study has shown that cats actually have noticeable benefits for people’s mental health, reducing levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

Oh yes, we’re serious: a 2011 survey by the Mental Health Foundation and Cats Protection found that 87% of cat owners feel their pets have a positive impact on their wellbeing and 76% find coping with everyday life easier thanks to their kitties.

Just imagine how much happier you’ll feel if you spend your 9-5 surrounded by moggies, eh?


If you’d like to apply for the gig of your dreams, then you need to email your cover letter and CV to

We’d wish you luck, but we’re willing to fight like cats for this job. We hope you’re feline fierce enough to take us on (we’ll stop now).

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