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Anna Fielding, 33, is editor of Stylist ’s free daily email Emerald Street. She lives in London with her boyfriend.

I get up at 7.30am and jump in the shower. This is when my working day starts. When I recommend a product as my ‘editor’s choice’, I use it for at least two weeks to make sure my recommendation is genuine, so I’ll often be testing a new body scrub or conditioner. I can’t get ready without MoroccanOil – my hair is curly but this lets me blow-dry and straighten it then forget about it. I dress quickly, often choosing my fall-back outfit of a cool T-shirt and skinny jeans with a blazer and heels.

Breakfast is fruit and yoghurt before I leave home at 8.45am to cycle to work. I arrive 40 minutes later and put my make-up on using the vintage compact mirror that I keep on my desk. Then I get cracking on the day’s work.

Emerald Street is a free daily email that was created after Stylist launched. Readers kept booking our recommendations for cool new pop-up bars, fashion boutiques, restaurant openings and new interior ranges, so we realised there was demand for more content to help people plan their lives. Delivering this content by email means subscribers get insider tips on the latest fashion and beauty trends, careers advice and recommendations for the best new bars and books around the country straight into their inbox. We’re about to celebrate our first birthday and I’m really excited about all the ideas I have for our second year.

Each morning I skim the headlines, life and style and culture sections of the main broadsheets and tabloids online. Along with deputy editor Mollie and designer Steve, I usually work two or three days in advance but if something big happens – such as the deaths of Whitney Houston and Amy Winehouse – we make last-minute changes. The email is sent mid-morning in time for a tea or Diet Coke break. One of the things I like best about my job is that every day, the team and I get to make 70,000 women stop to take five minutes for themselves. I know how rare that is in modern offices.

We have a distinctive style which I hope reflects the way women speak to each other

I write stories for Emerald Street in the morning or interview people over the phone for future articles. I meet with the Stylist team to discuss fashion trends or work out how Emerald Street could put its own spin on projects such as the Fair Game campaign which Stylist recently launched to highlight sexism in sport.

Once a week I meet PRs from beauty brands or book publishers for breakfast at Caravan in East London to see if their new products are right for us. Emerald Street has a really distinctive style, which I hope is reflective of how women speak to each other. One of our challenges is not to feel intrusive – a person’s email inbox is an intimate space and our biggest competitor is an email from someone’s best friend.

Lunch at 1.30pm is a sandwich from Pret, which I eat at my desk while reading something non-work related for 15 minutes, such as or New Statesman. In the afternoons I try to respond to everyone who has emailed me in the morning. I forward plan for the main features two to three weeks in advance but the smaller stories are more fluid. We keep an eye on what’s trending but don’t want to include anything that’s already been seen.

I usually work until 8pm. We always visit the places we review for our foodie slot, ‘Cocktails And Cappuccinos’, so I eat out a couple of nights a week with my boyfriend or a friend. We cover new openings and great locals – one of my favourites is a Colombian restaurant called El Parador Rojo.

Each month I meet friends for a book club. I devour two or three books a week, which is helpful as I’m also editor of the Emerald Street Reading Room, which subscribers can sign up for. If I’m at home, my boyfriend cooks me something delicious like Turkish sausage and lentil soup. I’ll then unwind with one of my favourite shows – Mad Men or 30 Rock – before I head to bed at midnight.

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