Quiz: which famous duo are you and your work wife?

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Kayleigh Dray

Tough hours, looming deadlines, and freezing air-con: heading into work can be pretty unbearable sometimes – unless, of course, there’s someone very special waiting for you in the office.

We’re talking, of course, about your work wife.

They’re the colleague who became a friend – and then, over time, something even more than that. Maybe they’re your can’t-live-without-them support system – or the person who keeps you smiling, even when your boss is driving you up the wall. They might be the one who reminds you, quietly, to take your lunch and go home on time, or the pal who has a seemingly endless supply of snacks, aspirin, and tampons stashed in her drawer. Maybe they’re your go-to person when you need hot coffee and gossip, ASAP. Your drinking buddy. Or, just maybe, your human version of a burn book (hey, sometimes it’s good to vent).

But which dynamic duo are you and your work bestie are most like? It’s time to find out the answer to this age-old question once and for all, with our highly scientific quiz…

You’re welcome.


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