You can now get paid to write filthy jokes for Cards Against Humanity

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If your sense of humour is twisted enough this might be your dream job.

Ever wondered what goes into writing the dark and insanely twisted jokes that make it onto the back of a black and white Cards Against Humanity card?

Now’s your chance. The business is officially hiring contributing writers, paying them the princely sum of £31 an hour to dream up all the “poop jokes” and uncomfortable zingers and attempts to make us laugh at Nazis, BDSM and Obama in assless chaps, usually at the same time.

Applications are open until 31 August and you’ll need to write five black cards, which are read out loud each round as the game prompt and 15 white cards to serve as the unsettling answers to whatever blanks are waiting to be filled on the back of the black card. The more twisted and un-politically correct, the better.

“We strongly encourage applicants from historically marginalised communities to apply, particularly of colour, immigrants and members of the LGBTQ+ community,” the job ad reads. “Also looking for hot single dads.”

You can work from home, you can do it part time and you can write whatever you want. No joke is off the table. No target will be left unskewered.

So who would be best suited to this job? Probably someone who knows the game like the back of their hand and who understands implicitly the kind of jokes needed to turn this game from awkward tittering into full-blown (heh) belly-aching guffawing.

Cards Against Humanity is also hiring paid interns, so if you happen to live in Chicago, are studying journalism or communications and feel like you can answer customer service enquiries in a way that doesn’t make you sound like a robot, then this might also be a bit of a dream first job.

Either way, we think we’ve found the perfect career for anyone whose jokes are so dark and twisted they can silence a room. In the best possible way.

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