The kids from Mrs Doubtfire have reunited, and it's everything

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Anna Brech
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Get set for a blast from the past

The 90s is one of our favourite decades of all-time, not least for its epic films.

Pulp Fiction, Forrest Gump, Speed - all the classics came out then, and of course, Mrs Doutfire led the bill. 

We challenge any kid of the 90s not to have been moved by this heartwarming tale of divorce-turns-good. 

Sadly, the film’s star, Robin Williams, is no longer with us. But the kids and their mum’s on-screen boyfriend got together again this week, in a reunion to mark 25 years since the comedy first came out.

Lisa Jakub, Mara Wilson and Matthew Lawrence, who played the three Mrs Doubtfire children, met up with Pierce Brosnan to film a special segment of the US show Today

And happily for us, Jakub shared a sneak preview of the event on her social channels.

As far as 90s nostalgia goes, this photo has it all - even if it does make us feel rather old.

Stepping inside the film for a moment, it shows characters Chris, Lydia and Natalie (all grown-up now) gathering around their mum’s boyfriend Stu (who has barely changed). 

Missing is their “mum”, played by actor Sally Field, who was unable to make the date due to a book tour commitment. 

Only two of cast pictured here remain in the acting industry: Brosnan and Lawrence. Jakub is now a writer and yoga teacher, while Wilson works as a playwright and comedy writer. 

Brosnan filmed the reunion on his phone, telling the other three, “love you all so much”:

Well that’s our Sunday made, then.

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