“I tested 8 CBD products to see if they live up to the hype”

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Alexandra Jones
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Stylist reviews the best CBD and legal cannabis products available in the UK.

From cocktails to capsules, cannabidiol (CBD) products are all the rage – but are they worth the money? Alexandra Jones puts eight to the test.

Love Hemp Water

Each 500ml bottle of spring water is infused with CBD hemp droplets. Sip on it throughout the day if you want to but I’m not sure about it, to be honest. It made no discernible difference to my mind or body, that I could tell, but it did taste nice. Like herby cucumber water.


Wunder Workshop’s Turmeric CBD Oil

Place 10 drops of this oil under your tongue or mix into a drink, twice a day. This is what fitness studio Frame uses in its cannabis-spiked smoothies, so I reasoned it had to be fairly legit. I used it on a stressful day at work and it may or may not have made me less stressed.


Chocolate Leafy Brownie at By Chloe

This was the winner for me. It’s decorated with a marijuana-shaped fondant leaf but I’m not sure how much CBD was actually in it – it certainly didn’t have the same effect as any of the cakes I tried in Amsterdam but it tasted great.

£4.95, available until 30 Nov at By Chloe Covent Garden and Tower Bridge,

Green Goddess’ The Tonic CBD Oil Capsules

I took two of these at a time, twice a day – which is more than the recommended dose but I did find that I quickly became quite relaxed. I think they’d be nice to take before a yoga class.


Love Hemp’s CBD Infused Gummy Bears

These taste just like normal gummy sweets but with a very slight herbal tang. They have 10mg of CBD per sweet, so they’re one of the higher strength products available, but I can’t be certain that they had any effect on me. Just don’t go eating the whole jar in one go.

From £9.99,

Ginger Gear at Behind This Wall, east London

It’s a delicious blend of ginger, apple and cinnamon kombucha, CBD oil and alcohol-free Seedlip. Even if it doesn’t cure your social anxiety, it’s guaranteed to be the healthiest thing you can consume in a bar that isn’t H2O.


The Marshmallowist’s Cannabis, Grapefruit + Pink Peppercorn Marshmallows

This tangy, spicy flavour is limited edition, with each mallow containing a minimum of three drops of CBD oil. Delicious and the most fun way to inject some CBD into your evening – the millennial version of After Eights.


Botanic Lab Cannabidiol Tea

One of the newest products to launch in the UK and apparently the first CBD-spiked soft drink. I haven’t tried it, but it’s unlikely to have a sufficient concentration of CBD to make a huge difference to anxiety. But, with sour cherry and ginger, it probably tastes nice.

£60 for 14,

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