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Ah, friends. We’d be nothing without them. National Friendship Day, which took place on 6 August, is a chance to celebrate everything we do for each other. Life’s full of ups and downs, but a good friend will ride the wave with you. Not only there to lend you makeup when you run out and a nice pair of heels before a date, but being your shoulder to cry on and that helping hand when you’re moving flat.

With Diet Coke’s Get The Gang Back Together campaign encouraging the celebration of female togetherness and friendships, we’ve asked friendship expert Shasta Nelson to get the essential tips of keeping that all-important friendship flame alive. So read on below to discover how the major moments that you and your best mates go through are playing a lead role in maintaining that meaningful relationship.

Go Travelling 

“Remember those memory-making slumber parties as kids?” Nelson says. “Up the ante now by planning an overnight trip with friends or even travelling the world together.” Book a girls’ weekend to the coast, or go all-out and plan that getaway to Thailand you both talk dreamingly of. Go create life-affirming memories with those you hold dearest.

Rent a flat 

This may sound like a huge leap, but Nelson says that “living together and establishing that DNA is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you can do. If you can do that, you can do anything together!” It also means easier access to their wardrobe when you fancy ‘borrowing’ that dress they haven’t worn in a while.

Celebrate More

Not that we need much persuading to get together for a drink, Nelson points out that “people like to be around people who make them feel good”. And what better way to do that than by celebrating whenever one of us does something we’re proud of – a promotion, a fitness goal crushed, a new house. “The more we can be a friend who’s quick to affirm, excited to toast their success, and who expresses our gratitude,” Nelson adds, “the more we are helping our friendships thrive!”

Mark the Major Moments

“Sharing the milestones matters not only because we feel closer to those who know what’s going on in our lives, but also because it strengthens our friendship to practice going through life changes together,” Nelson says. So whether that’s an engagement, a baby, or a major birthday – throw a party and make sure that special moment is celebrated in style.

While still making a big deal of the small things 

It’s not just the parties and celebrations that let mates know they’re appreciated and needed. “Sometimes it’s the smaller changes that help bonding and intimacy, for they are more numerous in quantity and truly make up the bulk of our lives,” states Nelson. Sure, most friends will know about the weddings, the birthdays etc. but, as Nelson says, “calling to check in on how the presentation went, or texting a photo of the outfit you’re planning to wear for your new date… these moments are the cement that strengthens the friendships that will give back to us in the years to come!”

Make sure you celebrate all the amazing moments with your friends and get together for that long overdue catch up! For more information, visit or follow @DietCokeGB

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