Best ceramicists to follow Instagram

Our favourite contemporary ceramicists to follow on Instagram

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In need of a little interiors update – or just want to bring more creativity to your Instagram feed? Meet the cult potters throwing shapes we love.

When we close our eyes, we see houses filled with beautiful ceramic things. Small dishes that can hold no more than a pocketful of change. Beautiful plates meant to be delicately leant against the back of a bookshelf, rather than eaten upon. Cubist-inspired vases with space enough for a single flower. These are things we want.

Luckily for us, we’re deep in the midst of a ceramics revival. It’s been a full four years since The New York Times declared that “handmade ceramics are white hot”, and everyone from your best friend to your mum has probably tried their hand at a pottery workshop. (If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Sign up for a class immediately.) Instagram, meanwhile, is filled with independent artists making everything from delicate ceramic ornaments to beautifully practical glazed crockery. 

Like many cultural comebacks (see also: poetry, houseplants, 90s fashion) it’s hard to pinpoint exactly why our love affair with this particular branch of home decor is booming. There’s our love of nostalgia, of course. Then there’s our rediscovery of heritage brands – the current vogue for 19th century Portuguese ceramics company Bordallo Pinheiro is testament to that.

But perhaps it’s also down to our hyperconnected lives that we’re cultivating an appreciation of craftmanship. Away from the 24-hour news cycle and rolling social media updates, there’s something profoundly soothing about poring over coloured clay pots on a weekend. Not only does it connect us to human creativity, it makes us feel at home. There are few better antidotes to modern technology, it seems, than sprinkling our living space – whether we own or rent – with a few one-of-a-kind-pieces. 

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So what are we looking for in our new-age ceramics? Beauty, of course, to lift our spirits. Practicality: we often want things to be useful, not just aesthetically pleasing. Most importantly, character – from hand-painted designs to avant-garde shapes and natural finishes – is the order of the day.

Below, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite contemporary ceramicists working today. Follow them on Instagram and invest in their work, if you can: you won’t regret it. 


e.p.c. is all about simple imperfections, which is what makes it so beautiful. Each piece is hand-built by Emily Elizabeth Proctor in her Hoxton studio, giving every bowl, plate, platter or vase a unique edge.

Emily’s speciality is using simple, natural shapes and neutral tones to enhance the handmade nature of her designs, rather than hide it with busy patterns or colours. She uses both tools and her hands to sculpt her work, even leaving behind fingerprints as a symbol of her commitment to each piece. We’ve particularly fallen in love with the goddess vase.

The Pottery Parade

If these smiley saucers don’t make you feel the slightest bit warm and fuzzy, we’re not sure how to help you. Amsterdam-based artist Sandra Apperloo, aka The Pottery Parade, is one of our favourite ceramicists to follow on Instagram for her plates, planters and more, all of which possess thoughtful little faces and come in delightfully wobbly shapes. She also ships her wares to the UK via her Etsy shop – joy.  

Natalie J Wood

The minimalists among us should follow Natalie J Wood, a ceramicist from Edinburgh who makes everything from sleek clay clocks to elegant crackle-effect vases. Working in a muted palette of rich pastels (think dusty blues, pale greens and peachy orange), Wood specialises in “clean forms that are both decorative and functional” – but she also has a definite sense of fun. 

Element Clay Studio

Heather Knight’s delicate ceramic creations remind us of the natural trinkets we hoarded jealously as children: tiny succulents, smooth seashells, whorled fossils, pieces of coral we begged our parents to buy us in museum gift shops. Based in the US city of Savannah, Georgia, Knight ships her bowls, vases and plant pots around the world. Even if you don’t invest, follow @elementclaystudio on Instagram for regular hits of fragile wondrousness. 

Jode Pankhurst

London-based ceramicist Jode Pankhurst’s work is both minimalist and cheerful, featuring graphic shapes, swooping black lines and glossy splashes of teal, terracotta and gold. Her speciality is neat little stoneware pots and porcelain vases perfect for holding pens, make-up brushes or showing off a flower stem or two. She also runs regular ceramics workshops from her studio in Peckham – keep an eye on her Instagram feed to catch the next one. 

KANA London

Stylist’s ceramics-obsessed fashion director Arabella loves the work of Ana Kerin, who makes ceramics as Kana London. “I love the organic, tactile, handmade feel of her work,” Arabella says. “It reminds me of the pottery my grandmother use to make.”

Kerin’s calm, soothing Instagram feed shows her work in action, as well as the regular workshops she runs from her airy studio. Dreamy. 

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Words: Naomi Joseph, Christobel Hastings and Moya Crockett. Main image: Juliet Furst/Unsplash

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