This is how many of us have changed our buying habits because of the environment

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Are you never without a handy tote bag when doing your food shopping?

There was once a time when environmental issues very rarely made it into the mainstream media. But the way the world is changing, and the detrimental effects that change will have on us becomes ever more pressing, being eco-minded is thankfully higher on most people’s agendas. 

From Topshop’s vegan shoe line to the ever-increasing ranges of eco coffee cups and water bottles on offer, you’d be hard pushed not to think about how your actions are impacting the environment daily. 

But even though we’re still a long way off reversing the damage that has been done to the earth (at last count scientists said we have just 12 years to save the planet) the good news is that people are thinking much more consciously about the sustainability of their day-to-day purchases.

A new study by GlobalWebIndex into sustainable packaging in the UK and US has found some really encouraging results.

After surveying 3,833 consumers across both regions, the market research company found that 53% of consumers have reduced the amount of disposable plastic they use in the last 12 months. From cutting down on plastic bag usage to investing in reusable cups, these environmentally habits are clearly becoming an engrained part of our behaviour. 

Another 42% of consumers also say that their buying habits have changed in reaction to the amount of sustainably minded products in stores, agreeing that whether something is sustainable has a hand in their decision to buy it.

Beyond a general concern for the environment, in the UK especially, motivations for buying sustainable packaging are more self-directed; focused on a personal desire to be less wasteful, with 82% of respondents saying they value sustainable packaging.

If you’re keen to cut down on the amount of packaging you use, check out our suggestions of the best eco-friendly and packaging free shampoo and conditioners and learn all about the world’s first zero-waste beauty brand that’s landed in the UK. 

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