7 easy ways to donate to charity in the run up to Christmas

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December can be a financially hard month for many. Here, we’ve found seven ways you can give a little (or a lot) to help those less fortunate before Christmas Day. 

The majority of 2018 has been a bit bleak and disastrous. From the continuation of Trump’s antics to Brexit, much like 2017 it certainly won’t be a year remembered for its great historic triumphs. But that doesn’t mean it needs to end the same way as it began, especially since we’ve now entered the season of goodwill.

During the month of December, we’re usually so busy running around picking presents for people and secretly hoping for a few things in return, that in truth we may not stop to think of others less fortunate than ourselves.

But with 14 million people currently living in poverty across Britain and many families struggling to pay bills, sharing just a little will mean a lot.

This year, many charities are asking for your help, which is why we’ve compiled a list of easy and simple ways to give back before Christmas Day. Read on to find out how you can contribute.

1) Donate to your local food bank 

“Foodbanks rely on donations… not only this December but in the months that follow Christmas too”

With reports of food banks facing their biggest demands yet, an expected record number of families across the UK will be receiving their Christmas meal from one this December. With this in mind, The Trussell Trust – a poverty charity – are asking for your help.

“Christmas is supposed to be a time for joy but what we’re seeing is the festive period becoming increasingly stressful for more and more people across the country. Our benefits system is supposed to protect us all from being swept into poverty – but what we’re seeing is people struggling to heat homes and put food on the table because they simply cannot afford the basics anymore and that just isn’t right,” says Emma Revie, chief executive of The Trussell Trust. 

“We know it doesn’t have to be like this. In the short-term we’re urging the public to donate generously during the first part of December and into the new year, as unfortunately the need for food banks is not going to end after Christmas.”

The Trussell Trust relies on voluntary donations – including money, food and your time. You can find out where your nearest food bank is here. And for more information on what’s best to give, you can see the charity’s list here

2) Have a chat with an elderly person over the phone 

Why not talk to an elderly person over the phone? 

Age UK – a charity focused on supporting elderly people – has launched an appeal for donations to help our ageing population in 2017, and it still stands. 

The charity found 1.4 million elderly people felt that Christmas Day just ‘passed them by’ last year and is therefore calling on people to help them tackle loneliness. 

“Chronic loneliness is not only horrible to experience day in, day out, it can also have a devastating impact on an older person’s mental and physical health. That’s why at Age UK we are committed to being here year round for older people, to help tackle the loneliness that is blighting far too many lives,” explains Caroline Abrahams, charity director at Age UK. 

If you’d like to give a financial donation you can do so here. Or even better, why not have a chat with an elderly person over the phone

3) Support the NSPCC by ordering a letter from Santa

By making a small donation, you can pick a personalised letter from Santa to be sent to a special child in your life

Christmas is an especially magical time of year for children.

Which is why the NSPCC – a UK-based children’s charity – has created a novel way to donate this winter. By making a small donation you can pick a personalised letter from Santa to be sent to a special child in your life. With eight stories and illustrations to choose from, the letter will safely make its way through the post before Christmas Day.

From helping to buy paints for an abused child to draw and express their feelings, to covering the cost of volunteers answering calls to Childline, a few pounds really does go a long way.

The charity suggests a donation of £5, and you can donate here

4) Send out Christmas cards that donate to charities 

Christmas cards bought directly from charities usually donate around 60-70% of profits

If you’re being eco-friendly this year and handing out your Christmas cards rather than posting them, then there’s still plenty of time to do so.

Cards bought directly from charities usually donate around 60-70% of profits. But high street shops aren’t always so generous, so be aware and read the small print on packs of cards before buying them on your lunch break.

However, Card Aid gives 60% of its profits to charity, and you can easily purchase a pack of beautiful designs online

5) Take part in Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday 15 December, it’s officially Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday 14 December, it’s officially Christmas Jumper Day. So why not revel in the festive spirit by opting to wear one while donating to charity? 

Since 2012, Save The Children – a children’s charity – has been getting everyone and anyone to wear their tackiest jumper to help children across the UK. Whether in a group or on your own, all you have to do is sign up via their website and then after collecting your donations (£1 per person) you can send it off to the charity to ensure children everywhere have a great Christmas. 

6) Volunteer your time

Multiple charities would welcome help from you in person this winter

From helping out a local soup kitchen to providing some much needed light relief, multiple charities would welcome help from you in person.

If volunteering at a soup kitchen would suit you then you can find a local opportunity near you through Streets Kitchen. Or if you’re looking for more hands-on opportunities, such as sorting bedding, dishing out food or having a general chit-chat with people in need, then you can get in contact with Crisis. If you decide it’s for you then you’ll need to sign-up for a one-day training session first.

7) Donate to charity while you do your last-minute online shopping 

Plenty of charities have an array of wonderful gift options that’ll suit many a person in your life

If you’ve left Christmas shopping to the last-minute then why not be extra charitable and give someone a gift straight from charity? From Oxfam to Save The Children and Barnados, plenty of charities have an array of wonderful gift options that’ll suit many a person in your life. 

You can also sign up to Give As You Live, an online fundraising platform, that allows you to shop at over 4,000 online stores while raising money for charity. Each shop pays a percentage of your total purchase price in commission, and 50% is then donated to charity. 

Whatever you decide to do this winter, take a moment to think of others less fortunate than yourself. 

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