Charlotte Church has something to say about media coverage of her dad's illness

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Emily Reynolds
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Charlotte Church has hit back at media coverage that she believes has sensationalised her father’s illness. 

A new documentary, Charlotte Church: My Family & Me was set to lift the lid on the Welsh singer’s rise to fame, and the impact that rise had on her life and relationship with her family.

But instead of focusing on what Church and her family say in the film, press coverage has concentrated on her father, who is ill. Church has deemed the coverage insensitive, unkind and sensationalised.

“I’m really disappointed with the way the press has covered the sensitive information that my Dad has a life threatening illness,” Church wrote on Twitter. “He has been brave enough to share his experience, being open and therefore making himself vulnerable and they’ve shamelessly sensationalised it.”

“I would first like to say that what is so amazing and beautiful to witness with my Dad, is that he is still joyful and living life to the fullest. He has a positivity energy and acceptance that is so inspirational. Which is why it makes me feel very upset to see his story being reduced to ‘months he has left’”. 

“It’s highly insensitive, ethically bankrupt and not what we as a family have talked about in the programme. I would ask that you please watch the programme yourselves to more fully understand that actually my parents are courageous, gorgeous human beings.”

“I love them, flaws and all, to the core of my being,” she concluded. “Which is why it’s so frustrating to see our story being twisted to the negative and exploited like this.”

Fans quickly responded to the tweets offering their support. 

It’s not the first time the media has treated Church with disrespect. Aged 15, during the early years of her fame, The Sun newspaper had a so-called ‘countdown clock’ counting down until Church was legally able to consent to sex. She later told the Leveson enquiry that it made her “feel horrible” and that it had had a severe impact on her life and wellbeing.

Here’s hoping she continues to stand up to the press in the face of such abuses.

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