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Cheer on Netflix: all the questions we had after season 1, answered

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When Cheer dropped on Netflix earlier this month, it wasn’t long before the new documentary series had us hooked. But what happened to Lexi after Daytona, and can we expect a second season? Here, we unpack all the answers to your most burning Cheer-related questions. Warning: the following article contains spoilers for Cheer season one.

When Cheer dropped on Netflix on 8 January, no one could have predicted how popular it would become. The documentary, which follows an elite team of college cheerleaders in their journey to take home the National Championship title, has taken the internet by storm, with the show’s athletes attracting thousands of followers overnight. The world of competitive cheerleading, a relative mystery to lots of the show’s viewers, became everyone’s latest obsession.

Watch any episode of the show and it’s easy to see why. Besides being a celebratory depiction of strong female athletes, the show’s depiction of the team’s unique bond and relentless determination is the feel-good content we’ve all been looking for. And that’s not to say the show shies away from the darker side of competing at such an elite level – in fact, it often chooses to highlight the injuries which come as a result of the sport. 

But at the end of the day, it’s the variety of personalities in the team which make you fall in love with the show. From Jerry’s optimism and passion to Morgan’s relentless determination in the face of adversity, there’s plenty to be inspired by.

As many of us finish watching the six-part documentary series, however, there are plenty of questions we still have about the Navarro team. From whether there will be a Cheer season two to where Lexi is now (spoiler alert: she was kicked off the team at the end of the show), here’s the answers to all your burning questions.

Where is Gabi Butler now?

In season one of Cheer we’re introduced to Gabi Butler, a “cheerlebrity” with plenty of world championship titles under her belt. 

After winning two national championships with Navarro, she’s currently a member of the Top Gun cheerleading squad, an All Star team with 12 world championship titles to their name. 

This isn’t the first time Butler has competed with Top Gun, either. In a throwback photo posted on her Instagram, she revealed that she had cheered at Top Gun seven years ago, before she left to cheer for a number of teams around the country.

All of this doesn’t mean she’s forgotten about her time at Navarro, however. Posting a photo on her Instagram with her teammates after they appeared on The Ellen Show earlier this week, she wrote: “I’m so sad that I’m leaving my babies. Feels like my heart is getting wripped out of my chest.”

What is a “junior college”?

Throughout the series, the Cheer team and staff refer to Navarro as a “junior college”. But what exactly does this mean?

According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica, a junior college, which can also be called a community college, is “an educational institution that provides two years of academic instruction beyond secondary school”.

Essentially, this means that students will spend two (or more) years at a junior college before moving to a senior college or university for their last two years of undergraduate education. 

What happened to Lexi?

Fans of the show will remember that at the end of season one Lexi Brumback, the team’s resident tumbler, was kicked off the team after drugs were found in her car.

As Cheer came to an end, her future was unsure, especially without the structure of the Navarro team to help her keep on track. However at the beginning of January, to the delight of Cheer fans everywhere, she revealed she was back on the team in the cutest Instagram post ever.

Posing for a photo alongside three of her Navarro teammates (including the beloved Jerry), she wrote: “Honey, I’m home.”

Did Jerry go to Louisville?

The internet is desperate for all the Jerry Harris content they can get, and for good reason – he truly is the heart and soul of the Navarro team. Cheering on his teammates with his world-class “mat talk” and pure excitement, it didn’t take long before fans of Cheer fell in love with him.

However, at the end of the documentary, we see Harris grab himself an academic scholarship to attend the University of Louisville, his dream school. But with his friends at Navarro, did he decide to go? 

His Instagram tells a heartwarming story. After leaving to cheer for the University of Louisville, Harris has returned to Navarro to compete with the team for his final year of junior college eligibility (cheerleaders in the US are allowed to compete for three years at the junior college level), after which he’ll presumably return to the University of Louisville for the last two years. 

Posting a photo on Instagram alongside his teammates, he wrote: “Back and better than ever.”

We’re in love with the queen of Cheer.

Will there be a Cheer season two?

It’s the question we’ve all been asking since we binge-watched the first season within a week of its release: is there going to be a season two?

So far, nothing has been confirmed – but that hasn’t stopped the cast of Cheer from giving us a few hints about whether we can expect some more action from Navarro.

Cheer on Netflix
Cheer on Netflix: will there be a season two?

Firstly, Monica Aldama – the team’s no-nonsense coach and fearless leader – mused on the idea of a second season during an exclusive interview with US Weekly.  

“We don’t really know anything about [season two] right now,” Aldama said. “So we’re just excited to be here right now and have season one and just the love and support of season one. So, we’ll see.”

And in a video posted to EllenTube this weekend, the coach was again brief on the details when it came to whether or not there would be a season two, answering the all-important question about a second instalment with: “We’re just happy to be here!”. 

It seems like we’ll have to wait and see if we get more Cheer content to feed our souls in 2020 – but if the social media response to the first series is anything to go by, we’ve got our fingers crossed that we’ll be catching up with the Navarro team in the future.

Are there any other cheerleading documentaries on Netflix?

Yes! If you haven’t got your fill of cheerleading documentaries just yet, there’s more content on Netflix to feed your obsession in the form of Cheer Squad.

Cheer Squad follows the Great White Sharks, a world-champion cheerleading squad, as they juggle the pressures of training alongside school and relationships.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can take a look at Cheerleaders on YouTube, which follows the California All Stars SMOED team on their journey to World Championship victory. You may spot a familiar face in the form of a younger Gabi Butler, too.    

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