Cheese lovers, this is officially the best fromage in the world

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Forget fine art, literature, and music; cheese is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful of humanity’s creations.

From cheddar, to brie, to camembert, to stilton, there are so many varieties of fromage to get stuck into – but, if you only have enough time for one (who are you?), then you definitely need to pick up a block of the world’s official best cheese.

The World Cheese Awards (because, yes, that’s a thing that actually exists) took place earlier this month in Spain’s San Sebástian.

But, despite there being over 3,000 cheeses on offer, judges selected one cheese to rule them all – and, as you may have guessed, it comes from Norway.

They just have all the best stuff there, don’t they?

Kraftkar might be the creamiest of all the blue cheeses, and the new World Champion of the cheeseworld, but, just like heroes of old, it hails from humble beginnings.

Tingvollost own a small dairy farm in the village of Torjulvågen – and, as you’ve probably guessed, they use the milk from their very own cows to create Kraftkar.  

According to The Kitchn, Gunnar Waagen, the chairman of Tingvollost, was in tears when he accepted the award.

“I have no words, this is marvellous news,” he said emotionally.

“We are a family run farm and work long days to make our cheese. We get up early every day and go to bed very late to make the best cheese we can, and so to win this award, I am very proud.”


Nick Tsioros of Canada's Olympic Cheese, who was a judge at the awards, championed Kraftkar in the final judging sessions.

Explaining why he loved it so much, he said: “The mould in this cheese is developed really nicely. It's very evenly distributed. On top of that, the texture is great: when it crumbles you get a soft creaminess. And on the finish, it coats your tongue with a real soft landing.”

Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

You can find a full list of all the trophy winning cheeses here, but it’s worth knowing that Ashley Chase Estate’s Cave-Aged Goats’ Cheese was named the Best British Cheese of 2016.

If you’ll excuse us, we’re just nipping out to the supermarket…


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