The world is obsessed with this child’s flawless impression of “hot mess” millennials

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Kayleigh Dray
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As millennials, we’re all too aware of the fact that we are the scapegoat of every Gen X-based joke. They marvel at us as if we’re mythical creatures, and chuckle to themselves over what they deem to be our many, many shortcomings. “No wonder they have woeful wages, can’t get on the property ladder and suffer from lacklustre sex lives,” they chortle to themselves. “They’re too busy obsessing over selfies, dating apps, social media, avocado toast, flat whites, hot yoga classes, Wi-Fi availability and emojis – not to mention getting all moony and nostalgic about years gone by.

“No wonder they’re all so useless. No wonder they can’t get anything done.”

To those mean-spirited people, we say this: jog the eff on.

However, when one little girl took it upon herself to recreate millennials in all of their hot messiness, we couldn’t help but smile. Because, let’s face it, she’s got it bang on.

Ava Ryan is only young, but it’s apparent she’s already a comedy genius, on par with the likes of Kate McKinnon and the SNL crowd. And, for a long time now, she’s been cracking up the world via her mum Katie’s Instagram account with regular video updates.

But her latest clip, in which she plays “Charlene, your hot mess friend”, is without a doubt her best yet.

“I’m sorry I was eight hours late for brunch yesterday,” she begins, her eyes widening. “I… I… I forgot. I’m speechless.”

She continues to reveal that she “doesn’t believe in being on time” and regales her pals with tales of how she’s “just so busy” – although, in an aside to the camera, she admits that her industriousness is not necessarily a good (or true) thing.

Watch it for yourself:

“Girl, I know I’m a mess, but that’s what I live for.”

Let’s sum up, shall we?

  • We all cancel plans / turn up late because we’re too busy doing… well, nothing
  • We’re frequently shocked by our own behaviour
  • We can’t help pointing out when we do something massively awkward (like pour water all over ourselves)
  • We bounce between feeling great about ourselves, to feeling… well resigned about our awfulness
  • We are this child

Well, perhaps not exactly – but she offers a pretty compelling caricature, all the same.

The video has been viewed a whopping 37,858 times so far, and the comments prove that the world is firmly in agreement with us: Ava is brilliant.

“I love her,” writes one.

“Omg this kid is everything,” agrees another. “Made my day.”

Everyone else readily admits that they’re “literally crying”, while more than a few added that they really do love baby goats and what’s the problem with that, thank you very much?

All hail Ava.



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