Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is back, and it’s not what we were expecting

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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is back today, here’s everything we’re dying to know before then. 

Sure, Nineties teenage witch Sabrina was cute, but in 2019 we like our witches to be a little more badass. 

From the moment we lay eyes on Kiernan Shipka in the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina reboot, it’s clear the new version is going to be a little less sparkly blue eyeshadow and Britney Spears cameos, a little more fighting the patriarchy and exploring the complexities of having a dark side. 

As well as the clever writing, spooky cinematography and on-point casting, feminist Sabrina (and her ability to rock a trend-setting velvet headband) is one of the things that’s got us totally hooked. 

When she’s not setting up a feminist group at her school to promote sisterhood, she’s telling the devil where he can stick his desires to own her soul. The entire first series is full of fist-pumping moments, some darker than others, that show Sabrina as a strong-minded young woman who’s not afraid to use her voice. And we couldn’t be more ready to see what happens in season two. 

And luckily, we don’t have too much longer to wait. The new series has dropped today (5 April), and we can’t wait to watch it. In the meantime, we’ve just been treated to another teaser as Netflix releases the third season two trailer, but when we say trailer, it’s actually more a short film. 

Directed by Christian Coppola, a 25-year-old filmmaker and distant relative of the famous Coppola family, the new sneak peek to the second season is a sinister stylised shoot which almost resembles a prom photobooth. 

Sabrina poses with both of her love interests, begging the question even further of which one she will choose. But instead of acting like an excited prom queen, she has a crazed glint in her eye as she munches flowers and treats the boys as her play things. It’s weird, it’s chilling and we bloody love it. 

Watch below to see for yourself: 

We’re more than excited to get answers to all the burning questions we’ve been left with after season one – some of which we’ve attempted to mastermind ourselves here.

So, not only has there been some serious Chilling Adventures of Sabrina watching (this writer has just completed her fourth binge of the series), we’ve consulted fan theories, the original comics and made comparisons to the old series to unearth some possibilities about what’s to come.

Read on to find out if you’ve been thinking what we’re thinking, and you may get the answers to some of your questions, too. 

OK, real talk – will Sabrina and Harvey get back together?

There’s no denying that Brina and Harvey are meant to be together. The embodiment of young love’s dream, these two are the smitten-est of kittens.

However, Harvey hasn’t responded well to Sabrina’s magical truth, and you can see why. Since finding out she’s a witch, he’s seen her meddle with the lives of both his brother and father, and albeit trying to help, this has resulted in not only Tommy’s death but Harvey being the one to kill him. That kind of trauma, and the loss of the protector in his abusive household, is never going to be forgotten.

But despite all this, we saw Harvey eventually come around and ask for the pair to get back together in the final episode. But after having just signed her name in the Book of the Beast, burning 13 witches alive with hellfire and experiencing an almighty power surge from the underworld, Sabrina thought that now might not be the best time to rekindle the flame with someone who isn’t fond of magic. 

Although things aren’t looking hopeful for Brina and Harvey, and Nick Scratch is almost certainly going to make a move (more on that in a minute), we think love will prevail for these two. After all, it’s a classic superhero trope: trying to juggle a ‘normal’ love interest with an abnormal life, and overcoming adversity to get together in the end.

Plus, in the season two trailer we see them share a slightly racy moment, when Sabrina pushes Harvey onto the sofa and kisses him, which shows that the spark is still well and truly there.

Or, will she actually have a thing with Nick Scratch?

Considering the very final scene in the last episode of season one was centered around Sabrina and Nick, we think it’s on the cards. 

As we know, Harvey doesn’t feel comfortable with the magical world and after having just become only the fourth witch in existence to ever summon hellfire, proving the strength of her power and then strutting around the Academy of Unseen Arts looking like the baddest of bitches (as Miss Wardall would say), and clearly loving it – it doesn’t look like Sabrina is slowing down anytime soon. 

Then for the final panning scene to be of Nick’s face, showing how he sees Sabrina in this new found position and her throwing him (and us) a cheeky wink, it surely means there’s more to come between them. In other words, out with the old and in with the Nick. 

It’s something Gavin Leatherwood who plays Nick can see happening, too. Speaking to TV Guide, he said: “She’s gonna need a strong sidekick who also makes her heart pitter-patter, and I think Nick has those capabilities — to make her feel something.”

But, there could be something more sinister going on with Nick than we originally thought. Sure, at this stage he seems respectful of Sabrina’s boundaries, helped her with her studies (plus an extra-curricular resurrection) and even protected her ex-boyfriend from the Greendale 13, but the origins of his name could be a forewarning to something super dark. 

Old Nick and Old Scratch are both nicknames for the devil – could he be the Dark Lord in disguise? This could make sense considering the rumblings that Satan actually wants Sabrina as his dark bride, and not Madam Satan. 

But what about Roz and Harvey?

The only other potential snag in Harvey and Sabrina’s love story? Roz. Did anyone else notice that in the trailer for season two Roz and Harvey seem to have a ‘moment’? 

Sabrina, who we presume is now full-time at the Academy of Unseen Arts, is shown walking down the hallway of Baxter High, looking around and eventually settling her gaze on Roz and Harvey who are standing against the lockers. With Roz leaning backwards, Harvey stands in front of her and seems to sensually remove her glasses from her face, as Sabrina looks not only puzzled, but pretty pissed off. 

There have been a few theories flying around as to what this could mean. Reddit users have theorised that Ms Wardwell aka Madame Satan may have even enchanted Harvey to try it on with Roz in order to upset Sabrina and help break her ties to the mortal world. It’s also been thought that this could be what’s behind Sabrina’s dalliances with Nick, perhaps after believing Harvey likes her friend, she is retaliating. 

Another theory is that unlike Susie, Roz and Harvey have both got historically negative relationships with the magic world, which could be something that brings them together. Harvey’s family has been witch hunters and Roz’s was (and still is) cursed by witches, so they both have a reason not to like what Sabrina is becoming. 

What’s also interesting is that in the original comics, the character Rosalind is a competitive girl in Sabrina’s class. She’s not part of Sabrina’s circle of friends and doesn’t have any magical powers, but she does try and compete for Harvey’s attention so there’s a chance that this storyline could mimic the inspiration for Roz’s character in the comics. 

What’s all this about Sabrina being a twin?

The biggest indicator of this is the flashback in the very first episode when Sabrina is having a bath, days before her dark baptism, and has a vision which transports her into the woods. She sees her parents carrying a crying baby, and after following them she sees a cot with not just one baby, but two. We presume at least one of them is Sabrina, but when the blanket is pulled back, one of the babies has what looks like goat hooves instead of feet. 

Also, when in limbo, Sabrina’s mum is clearly distressed and shouts out that her baby was taken away from her. She could be talking about Sabrina, or maybe she was confused and referring to not being around to raise her daughter. Or, she could mean that Sabrina was taken from her to have her name signed in the Book of the Beast. But when you piece this together with other twin references, it could make sense that the child she’s talking about is Sabrina’s twin. 

Sabrina the Teenage Witch and the 2018 reboot are worlds apart – but there’s one detail that the two shows may have in common. In the original show, it is known that every Spellman has an evil twin, so this detail could have been brought back for the new version. Considering goats are a symbol often used in Satanic religion or to resemble evil, it would make sense that if one of the twins were linked to this kind of symbolism, they could be evil.

Of course, this entire demonstration could just be a reflection of Sabrina’s dual nature, fighting between the dark and the light, being half witch and half mortal. It could also represent the two paths that she still needs to choose between, whether to walk the path of light or path of night.

Interestingly, the whole of season one explored the theme of twins, with Father Blackwood’s twin babies being separated when Zelda steals away his daughter out of fear what he would do when he realises he doesn’t have two sons. This potentially will mean that the Blackwood babies will grow up not knowing they have a twin, similarly to what Sabrina is potentially living right now. What’s also similar to Sabrina’s situation is when Zelda tries to convince Hilda to raise the baby as their own saying “we’ve done it before.” Could she mean raising a single twin, in addition to it being a baby that isn’t their own?

Also, during the Batibat episode when the Spellmans are imprisoned in their own dreams, Hilda has a nightmare in which Professor Hawthorn reveals he has a mutated twin brother that he ate in the womb and now lives as a growth underneath his clothes, across his stomach. This leads to Hilda dreaming that her and Zelda have become conjoined twins, physically bonded together. All of these examples show some sort of emphasis on twins, which could be a nod to what’s to come.

Is there something creepy about Aunt Hilda’s boyfriend Dr. Cerberus?

We were thrilled to see that lovely Aunt Hilda was gaining a bit of independence and enjoying the butterflies of a romantic dalliance, but of course, we should have known that in Greendale nothing is as innocent as it seems. 

After the events of the Greendale 13 making their wrath known to the modern-day residents of the town that monumentally screwed them over, Hilda and her quirky boss shared a little smooch after he dropped her home, seemingly starting a new chapter of their relationship. 

But although Hilda looked thrilled to wave Dr. Cee goodbye for the evening, as the camera panned across his face we saw his eyes flash yellow, in an almost reptile fashion, suggesting that he’s not human after all. 

In Greek mythology Cerberus is a three-headed dog which keeps watch over the gates of hell, could Dr. Cee have some connection to this or does he just share a spooky namesake with the deadly dog? 

Why is the Dark Lord so obsessed with Sabrina anyway?

Sabrina’s heritage is clearly something that has stood her in special stead with the Dark Lord. Not only was her father an especially powerful and charismatic warlock, but the marriage between her mum and dad was also blessed by Satan himself. 

Perhaps the Dark Lord is intrigued by the mortal world, and thinks that Sabrina’s mortal side might offer him some new information or help him take power over the humans. Because, when you think about it, even though they have less magical power than witches, humans have been the reason the coven has lived in secret for hundreds of years. And we don’t reckon Satan likes that, at all. 

And finally, what’s the deal with Connor?

As far as we’re concerned, the Connor story line has in no way run its course. If you’ve forgotten who Connor is, remember the lone Warlock who was adopted by mortal parents who never knew his true nature, and was suspiciously murdered at the very beginning of the first series?

A couple of things are fishy around this character, in particular, that Father Blackwood was so quick to dispel any notions of a witch hunter and refused to see Connor’s death as unusual - covering something up much?

This is also how we met Luke, now Ambrose’s boyfriend - but if you think about it, this relationship was never really explained either. Presumably Luke and Connor were together at some point, but Luke didn’t exactly look upset at the funeral. It was also after Luke and Ambrose spent the night together that Connor’s familiar was found dead in his tank. Wouldn’t this be a pretty huge coincidence that after the iguana died after coming into contact with Luke, who had disappeared by the time Ambrose had woken up? So many questions – but it does feel like Luke might be hiding something. 

Safe to say we’re more than a little excited for the start of the new season, and to hopefully see some of these questions being answered. In case you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the trailer below. Praise Satan!

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