Chinese restaurant sparks backlash for offering discounts based on bra size

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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A Chinese restaurant has infuriated local residents after offering discounts to diners based on their bra size.

The Trendy Shrimp restaurant in Hangzhu, China, launched the promotion on 1 August with a series of adverts depicting women in their underwear, lined up according to their cup size.

Bigger discounts were offered to women with bigger cup sizes, with a 5% discount on offer for those with an A cup, moving up to a 65% discount for those with a G cup.

And to really maximise the charming, wholesome feel of the promotion, the adverts were accompanied by the slogan, “The whole city is looking for BREASTS”.

Unsurprisingly the string of adverts caused outrage with local citizens, with the Qianjiang Evening Post reporting that complaints had been filed to the council.

Hitting the nail on the head, one complaint described the posters as "vulgar advertising" and "discriminatory towards women".

The Trendy Shrimp soon removed the posters, although its general manager Lan Shenggang stood by his marketing strategy.

“Once the promotion started, customer numbers rose by about 20%," he reportedly said, adding that “some of the girls we met were very proud - they had nothing to hide”.

He even felt it necessary to point out that he allowed customers seeking the discount to negotiate it with his female staff rather than the males, so that they could “avoid embarrassment”.

Thanks, Lan.

We’re going to file this under Sexist Blunders of 2017, along with these ads, this man and absolutely anything that Donald Trump does.

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