5 women on what makes the perfect gift

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Finding the present to end all presents is an ongoing quest. We asked five women for their opinion on the perfect gift…

Presents. If only shopping for them were as easy as a universally agreed list to cross-reference. 

Then again, what are presents without the element of surprise? 

To help with some much-needed inspiration in the run-up to Christmas we asked five women what makes the perfect gift.

Here’s what they said…

  • 1. Something meaningful

    “For me, the best present is something that shows the person has thought about me and what I’d actually like. 

    “It could be small, it could be huge, it just needs to be meaningful to our relationship in some way. 

    “For example one of my best friends knows how much I love Saved By The Bell, so last Christmas she got me the Saved By The Bell box set.

    “Best present ever.”

    Gemma, Coventry

  • 2. Something personalised

    “When it comes to gifts I want something that I’ll actually get use out of as well as something that has had some thought put into it.

    “This year I’ve got my eye on a personalised Tangle Teezer Compact Styler detangling hairbrush. 

    “My hair is extremely stubborn and it’s basically the only hairbrush that can tame it without tearing out my hair, thanks to the unique two-tiered teeth technology which detangles from the roots down while also smoothing hair.

    “Plus there’s a personalisation service on the Compact Styler detangling hairbrush that lets you add your own photo

    “A Tangle Teezer with my cat’s picture on it you say? The perfect stocking filler.

    Added bonus: it comes with a protective cover which means it won’t get filthy in my bag.”

    Naomi, Hertfordshire

  • 3. Something you've forgotten about

    “The best gift is something that surprises you.

    “It might be something you mentioned in passing that someone has held onto and given you months after the conversation. 

    “One of the best Christmas presents I was given was a set of proper kitchen knives from my mum.

    “She remembered me grumbling to her about how great it would be not to have blunt knives and surprised me with a fresh set.”

    Emily, London

  • 4. Something weirdly specific

    “The best gifts are the ones that could only be given by that person.

    “It might be an in-joke or something that relates to an experience we shared together or an infamous holiday.

    “One Christmas my friend made and laminated a special ‘voucher’ for our favourite local pizza restaurant and decorated it with things specific to our friendship.”

    Lauren, Loughborough

  • 5. Something useful

    “I can probably count the amount of gifts I’ve actually gone on to use more than few times on one hand. 

    “I’m not being mean-spirited - I usually love the gift in the moment - it’s just Christmas presents tend to be more frivolous than functional.

    “The perfect present is something that I can get constant use and enjoyment from.”

    Jade, London

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