7 genuinely thoughtful Christmas gifts for your loved ones

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A really great gift is one chosen with care. Something a little bit special, that shows the person unwrapping it how much they mean to you. These gifts should do the trick…

The holy grail of gifting? Something beautiful and personal. 

Because when you think back to the most memorable presents you’ve received, it’s not necessarily the most expensive or flashy gifts that come to mind. 

It’s the ones that touched you for being extra thoughtful, something that resonated emotionally, that was chosen just for you. 

So when you’re Christmas shopping for the most important people in your life, we think it’s worth making a little extra effort to find something that reflects how much you care, and shows how well you know them. 

From affirmations to connections, here are some of our favourite ideas.

1. A goals journal

Chances are those closest to you share their hopes and dreams with you.

Whether they’ve got a big project in the works, or are at something of a turning point in their life, this beautifully designed journal—complete with exercises, prompts and planners—will help your loved one create a roadmap to achieving their goals and stay on track over the next year.

The perfect way to be a cheerleader.

2. Beauty with a message

Want to give luxury skincare that feels a little more personal?

Philosophy is all about inspiring beauty inside and out. Not only are the products gorgeously-scented, using gentle ingredients, the pared-back packaging features words of wisdom to soothe and lift the soul.

The purity range makes a great gift, working for all skin types. And you can’t go wrong with their award-winning, multifunctional 3-in-1 cleanser which cleanses, tone and melts away any makeup in one go.

A lovely ritual to start and end the day.

3. Jewellery but make it personal

A simple, sleek, wear-with-anything bangle will suit anyone’s style, but this Kate Spade design—plated with 14ct rose gold—has a little twist: a hidden message on the inside of the band, for the wearer’s eyes only.

A subtle touch that will remind them of you and to make the most of every day every time they catch a glimpse of it.

Understated but effective.

4. A galaxy

Celebrate an important moment in someone’s life—an engagement, wedding, birth or anniversary, perhaps.

Just pick the place, date and time, and create a totally personalised map of the constellations at that precise moment.

Mark a first kiss, a first dance, or maybe just the very first time you met one of your favourite people.

You can tailor the colour, size and frame according to their taste and decor, too. 

5. Real talk they won’t hate

The equivalent of a daily pep talk and reassuring hug rolled into one, your friend or relative can reach for this whenever they need a little boost. 

Packed full of practical, non-patronising advice, they can dip into this book and be reminded that you’ve always got their back. Don’t forget to write your own message inside before you wrap it. 

6. The gift of connection

The reality of today’s world means that at least some of those you hold nearest and dearest may not be in the same city as you.

Whether that’s family or friends, WhatsApp conversations can sometimes leave you wishing you were just in the same room.

Google’s new Nest Hub Max and duo functionality makes that feel as real as possible with a 10” HD screen and a camera with auto-framing (which means it adjust to wherever you are in the room so you’re always on screen). Perfect for walkers and talkers.

7. The power token

While power poses in the bathroom can get you further than you think, nothing empowers you more than the belief of others.

Tell someone you think they’re stronger than they think with this little pewter reminder they can take wherever they go.

Even better, you can add on extra charms with mini initials and symbols to make it unique for them. And it comes ready gift-wrapped - a stocking filler with heart. 

philosophy is the wellbeing beauty brand inspiring you to look, live and feel your best. Shop the range now. 

Philosophy is the official partner of Stylist’s Remarkable Women Awards 2020.

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