Gin-filled baubles are here to save your Christmas

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Kayleigh Dray
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We barely need remind you of the many and varied ways in which this year has taken a turn for the worse.

Throw in the fact that John Lewis has allegedly bumped off Santa Claus (we said allegedly) and you have a recipe for a pretty miserable Christmas indeed.

Thank goodness, then, for gin-filled baubles – which are 100% a real thing. Gin. Baubles. We’ll just let that sink in.

Pickering’s, one of Edinburgh’s most famous craft distilleries, has designed a range of pretty glass decorations – each of which is filled with 50ml of Pickering’s Gin.

Speaking to The Scotsman about the boozy baubles, Marcus Pickering, the co-founder of the company, explained that they’d started out as a “bit of fun for a Christmas fair”.

But, unsurprisingly, customers went “absolutely wild for them”, and the brand ended up selling hundreds of the things in just a few minutes.


It’s understandable, then, that they are now releasing them in stages so that they can meet demand.

Each gift pack, which features six baubles in different colours, costs £30 – which is well worth the joy of having a boozy treat hidden next to all your chocolate decorations, we say.

If you’re desperate to get one (or 20) boxes of your own, however, you’ve still got to move quickly.

The next batch of baubles will be released to the Ginfriends mailing list in very early December, and is set to sell out quicker than the last. 

Pickering’s have recommended signing up to the list on their website if you want to be first in the queue.

What a ginspiring idea, eh? Time to go have ourselves a very merry little Christmas indeed…

  • Spiced Clementine Gin - Marks & Spencer

    The perfect tipple for the festive season, this gin combines winter spices with the juicy sweetness of ripe clementines to create something truly unusual (and delicious).

    Marks & Spencer, £14

  • Chocolate Orange Gin - Ely

    We have a feeling that Willy Wonka would be very fond of this decadent drink, which muddles chocolate and orange together for a truly remarkable new gin experience.

    Gin Festival, £24

  • Persian Peach Gin - Buss No. 509

    Persian peaches, picked freshly before the distilling process, inject an exotic sweetness into this flavoursome gin.

    The Drink Shop, £38.95

  • Mince Pie Gin - Sipsmith

    Why eat a mince pie when you can drink it instead, eh? This limited edition gin combines cinnamon, nutmeg, sweet cloves, vanilla, spiced raisin, juniper, and orange – culminating in a buttery biscuit finale. Sign us up!

    Sipsmith (available from November 2016), £20

  • Lemon Drizzle Gin - Sipsmith

    Be still our beating hearts. Bake Off fans will adore this new gin, which is based on everybody’s favourite citrus-laced sponge cake; there’s a biscuity sweetness, followed by a flavour of fresh, zesty, warming lemons, and a lightly liquorice-infused finish.

    Selected M&S stores, £24

  • Rhubarb & Ginger Gin - Edinburgh Gin

    This signature drink from Edinburgh Gin blends the nostalgic sweetness of springtime rhubarb with the intense spices of the macerated oriental ginger – resulting in something truly special. They recommend skipping the tonic and topping up your glass with champers instead.

    31 Dover, £16.95

  • Sweet Violet Gin - Zymurgorium

    As in, yes, the little pastelly sweets we used to love back in the day. Their definitive flavour and scent makes them the perfect accompaniment to your usual gin – trust us.

    Master of Malt, £26.50

  • Heather Rose Gin - Strathearn

    This unusual gin hails from the highlands of Scotland, where they blend fragrant heather with floral roses to create a sweet and spicy flavour. Better still, this drink changes to a delicate pink colour when you mix it with tonic – making it both delicious, and a top-notch dinner party trick.

    Gin Festival, £35

  • Strawberry & Mint Gin - Ginfused

    Think crisp mint, sharp juniper and sweet fruit – what more could you want from your ultra-special gin purchase, eh?

    Gin Festival, £27

  • Elderflower & Cucumber Gin - The Little Red Berry

    This flavoured gin keeps things fresh with elderflower and cucumber – pure, simple, and very moreish.

    The Little Red Berry, £29.95

  • Seville Orange Gin - William Chase

    Fancy an explosion of zesty fruitfulness with every mouthful of gin? Then you need this specialist brew, which features a tingling burst of Seville Orange skin and lingering orange oils amongst all those delicious botanicals.

    Gerry’s Wine & Spirits, £37.95

  • Hot Cross Bun Gin - Gin Tales

    Whoever said hot cross buns were just for Easter? This new gin lets you enjoy the essence of the baked goodies all year round, beautifully infusing citrus, sultanas, and Easter spices.

    Not On The High Street, £29.50 

  • Rhubarb & Cranberry Gin - Zymurgorium

    Combining the flavours of winter and springtime in every single mouthful, this specialist gin has a refreshing tart taste.

    Gin Festival, £24.50

  • Earl Grey & Lemon Gin - Waitrose

    Heston Blumenthal has created yet another weirdly wonderful flavour pairing, this time combining a classic dry gin with Earl Grey and lemon. Perfect to enjoy with a slice of cake, for a naughty new twist on afternoon tea…

    Waitrose, £23.99

  • Pink Grapefruit Gin - Buss No. 509

    This Belgian gin recognises our need for citrus in our gin and tonic, but takes things up a notch with fresh pink grapefruit. Tropical, sharp, and refreshing.

    The Drink Shop, £44.90

  • Seaweed Gin - Da Mhile

    If you’re looking for the perfect gin to pair with fresh seafood, you definitely need to consider this intriguing new seaweed blend; that fresh and salty flavour really works with the botanicals, trust us.

    Vintage Roots Ltd, £17.50

  • Blanc Grape Gin - G'Vine

    G’Vine Floraison Gin is very smooth, ultra-delicate, well balanced, and luscious in the mouth – and it’s all thanks to the fact it’s been distilled with blanc grapes. You can enjoy this French twist on gin at the Dalloway Terrace or in the comfort of your own home – the choice is yours.

    Drinks Twenty-One, £29.50

  • Damson Gin - Cowmire Hall

    This rich, ruby-red gin features a full and distinctive damson flavour – making it the perfect aperitif or digestif refreshment.

    Fortnum & Mason, £23.50

  • Rock Samphire Gin - Curio

    The rock samphire, or sea fennel, in this gin is sourced from Cornish cliffs and waters, adding a distinctive spicy texture to the gin, and capturing the light, fresh aromas of the Cornish coast.

    Drink Finder, £32

  • Christmas Pudding Gin - Sacred

    If you prefer a pud to a mince pie, then you’ll want to try this delicious Christmas Pudding gin. Made from an old family recipe, it sees entire homemade puds distilled for eight hours. The result is a spicy fruity spirit, which can be served straight from the freezer after your Turkey as an alternative to Christmas pudding or in a festive Martini, Negroni or Gin and Tonic.

    Sacred Spirits, £33.85


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