Christmas parties 2019: karaoke dos and don’ts, plus the songs you might want to steer clear of

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Christmas parties 2019: karaoke tips

Karaoke at the office Christmas party often leads to headaches, a sore throat and flashbacks you’d rather forget. So people have shared karaoke rules on Twitter, to help minimise those regrets. 

Ah, the office Christmas party. Most of us have at least one horror story, thanks to free flowing wine, high social anxiety levels and plenty of office gossip. Earlier this week, women shared some of their funniest Christmas party confessions – and they will truly make you feel better about your own experiences. Maybe there’s nothing to fear this year, after all?

Hmm. Let’s be honest, the chances of creating an embarrassing anecdote somewhat increase when there’s karaoke involved. Yes, anyone who’s ever grabbed the microphone to do their best Celine Dion impression in front of a room full of colleagues (ahem) will know exactly what I’m talking about. The humiliation. The shame. The regrets. 

So is there a way of still enjoying karaoke without feeling a little bit foolish afterwards? According to Twitter, yes there is.

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The unspoken rules around singing karaoke at the Christmas party have now been put in writing. People are sharing their karaoke faux pas, which include sticking to short songs, avoiding romantic duets and only picking a song that you actually know the words to. 

One person highlighted the importance of a dance routine as part of your performance, writing: “If there is any kind of an instrumental break, you better be prepared to amp up the crowd or at least have some sick dance moves.”

Another pointed out there should be a time limit, tweeting: “My go-to karaoke spot has a ban on Don’t Stop Believin’, which pains me but I understand it. A couple [of] months ago someone did November Rain which should be illegal, along with any other song that’s more than five minutes long.”

A third Twitter user shared her big no-no, adding: “Couples doing a song together is always and will always be cringe.”

She was then asked to name songs that are particularly offensive, to which she replied:

“1. With or Without You by U2

2. I Got You Babe by Sonny and Cher

3. Hey There Delilah by the Plain White Ts

4. Wonderwall by Oasis

5. Kissed by a Rose by Seal.”

Someone who worked in a karaoke bar proved you don’t need that third glass of wine before taking to the stage, saying: “As someone who’s worked in a bar where there was karaoke every Friday night, I have had ample time to observe that 98% of people sing flat after they’ve had a drink or two. Alcohol *definitely* impinges on people’s ability to sing well.”

And one Twitter user reminded us of the true meaning of Christmas karaoke, writing: “Oh man, to me the greatest crime of karaoke is not fully supporting whomever is singing regardless of talent/music genre/song, as long as they aren’t actively being antagonistic. If you wanted to hear something good/to your taste you should not have set foot in the karaoke bar!”

Cheers to that.

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Sure, these rules might help to ensure that your karaoke performances are well received. But, ultimately, we think you should just belt out what the hell you want to, exactly how you want to. Now get practicing! 

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