The Stylist team reveal the toys they most wanted for Christmas as kids, from Mr Frosty to Furby

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Christmas nostalgia: the toys we wanted most as kids, including Mr Frosty and a Dreamphone.

Christmas as a kid was pure magic for a multitude of reasons, one of those being the pure delight of unwrapping and playing with new toys on Christmas day. Here, the Stylist team reveal the toy that was at the top of their Christmas lists – and whether Santa Claus delivered.

As a kid, there was nothing better than Christmastime. After the lights had been hung and the tree erected, there was nothing more exciting than flipping through the Argos catalogue and making your Christmas list for Santa. You may have even mailed the list straight to the North Pole itself to ensure the big man knew exactly what you wanted.

But among all of that chaos, there were those gifts that truly stuck out above the rest. You didn’t simply “want” them for Christmas – you needed them – and whether or not they ended up under the tree seemed like a matter of life and death.

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And so, with those special presents in mind, we asked the Stylist team to share the Christmas toy they wanted most when they were a kid – and, more importantly, whether they found it under their tree.

Mr Frosty or Girl’s World

Lisa Smosarski, Editor-in-Chief

“I wanted a Mr Frosty. I loved Christmas adverts and catalogues and there was always Mr Frosty, looking so damn cute AND serving up delicious iced drinks. It was my dream to have him in my life. When he didn’t arrive it took having kids of my own to have one. At the age of 42, I can happily say I now own Mr Frosty. 

“I also dreamed of Girl’s World, and when my mum said a Girl’s World was trashy and disgusting and I’d never own one, I was furious, so in protest I defaced all of my other dolls’ eyelids and hair with nail varnish. She didn’t relent and I never owned a Girl’s World, I just had loads of trashed dolls. As an adult, I now see giving a child a decapitated woman’s head to practice their make-up on might be a bad idea. Well done mum.”

Mr Frosty or A La Carte Kitchen

Susan Riley, Editor

“Mr Frosty because they literally looked cool AF, and the kitchen because the girl wheeled it into her parent’s bedroom, shook her dad’s toe and served him beans on an arctic roll which I always thought looked very fantabulous.”

toys for christmas

Little Home

Meena Alexander, Sub Editor

“The things I daydreamed about unwrapping on Christmas morning as a kid are so horribly off-brand I almost don’t want to admit it. Time and again, I asked Santa to bring me the Little Home set from Toys R Us, complete with mini vacuum cleaner and ironing board. Looking back, I now recognise that what I thought was my mum’s horror at the price of this dross was, in fact, feminist outrage. Tragic.”

christmas toys tamagotchi

Kayleigh's love affair with her Tamagotchi was short lived


Kayleigh Dray, Digital Editor

“I really, really wanted a Tamagotchi. It would be JUST like having an actual dog, I reasoned with Santa in my letter, before pointing out (clearly all too aware of the power of emotional blackmail) that we lived in a flat and couldn’t have a dog really and didn’t he want me to be happy? I’d been good ALL YEAR LONG, damn it!

“Santa delivered the goods come Christmas morning: my main present that year (aside from the obligatory satsuma, chocolate coins and scraps of newspaper) was a 101 Dalmatians Tamagotchi. I loved it. I loved it. I pushed all the relevant buttons to feed it, clean it, love it… for about a week. Then my virtual dalmatian became, just like that, unmanageable. It needed feeding every five minutes, beeping incessantly at me from my bedroom. It ‘pooped’ like crazy and needed ‘cleaning’ every couple of seconds, otherwise the pup’s mood dropped to zero and it started crying.

“The pressure was too much. I removed the batteries come March, placed it carefully on the highest shelf in me and my sister’s shared bedroom, and cut my losses. Fun fact? We got a dog a few years later and the actual real-life hound was easier to care for than that digital demon.”

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Polly Pocket Amusement Park

Lauren Geall, Junior Digital Writer

“When I was six or seven, all I wanted for Christmas was the Polly Pocket Amusement Park. To my little six-year-old brain, it was simply the best thing I could ever imagine (and I still think it looks pretty cool now, to be honest). 

“It came with a set of mini Polly Pockets who could ride around on a tea-cup ride, get on a ferris wheel and go on a mini rollercoaster (which actually had a battery-operated launch thingy that made the carriage go round). All in all, I thought it was the coolest thing - EVER. My parents, who spent the whole month of December searching every toy shop in Sussex, may disagree.”

Remote Control Rally Car

Scott Nelson, Acting Head of Video

“I once received a remote control rally car for Christmas. I’d wanted it for ages and spent a large part of Christmas day driving it around outside the house. I decided to let my cousin have a go, and it took him all of two minutes to drive it in to something and snap part of the bodywork. I learnt never to share your favourite Christmas present again, and it prevented any more trauma for the years to come.”

A Ken Doll was at the top of Alessia's Christmas wishlist

Ken Doll

Alessia Armenise, Picture Editor

“I remember I wanted a Ken, but I kept on getting Barbies so I cut  off all their hair (what a feminist ah!).  But I think it was just because I wanted a love story, and of course, at the time, I thought I needed a man for that. I still ended up making up lesbian love stories between my short-haired Barbies.”

Belle Costume

Hollie Richardson, Digital Writer

“I was a spoilt brat with a mum who always overcompensated for us having a “broken” family by giving us toys, but the one thing I am still bitter about is never receiving the Belle costume from the Disney Store. No idea why she refused me that one. I would still probably wear an adult-sized version.”

christmas toys

We took our Christmas lists very seriously as kids


Nicole Rixon, Producer/Director

“A Furby!!! No idea why but I remember being borderline obsessed with having one, and then the novelty wearing off sometime during Boxing Day. Sorry parents.”

Images: Getty, Unsplash

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