Beautiful and unique: the best alternative Christmas trees on Pinterest

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Kayleigh Dray

Whether you've got a small living space, or a burning desire to try something new this Christmas, we've rounded up the best and most unique alternative Christmas trees on Pinterest. From book trees to light-laden branches, there's something here to suit everyone's skills, tastes, and budget – but which is your favourite?

  • One for bookworms

    Turn all your old tomes into a festive work of art; all you have to do is stack them up into a Christmas tree shape, drizzle them with fairy-lights, and pop a pine cone on top. 

  • Just string it

    Longing for a Christmas tree that’s stylish, practical, and mess-free? Well, look no further; this clever design uses the side unit of an IKEA storage unit as a frame, creating a ladder effect with string. So far, so easy. All that’s left to do is outlines a tree shape with some favourite ornaments.


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