Sexist man on Twitter is expertly shut down by feminists

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Jasmine Andersson
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Dude, face it. Women’s clothes are sexist.

Just have a think about it, bro. Enter any footwear shop and see the ridiculous difference made between male and female trainers, the sheer impracticality of finding a pair of jeans that fit the actual shape of our body, and the lauded obsession over the roster of women’s clothing sizes versus the male world of small, medium and large.

We don’t want every item to be pink. We don’t want every item to fall apart. AND WE DO WANT TO TRY ON OUR CLOTHES IN KINDER MIRRORS. 

Sorry for shouting. It’s just that we’d like our clothes to have a bit more comfort and durability to them, and to be the same quality as our male counterparts, all for the same price.

This is exactly the same issue that Twitter legend Bree Mae was trying to get across when she tweeted that she had bought some male trainers.

That’s when one stellar maninterrupter, by the Twitter handle of @imryanphilpsbro, no less, decided the world needed to hear his two cents on the topic.

This is when @vandroidhelsing, aka Twitter user and feminist ally Jared Pechacek, decided to wade in to add a dose of sanity to the conversation.

The saltiness of this conversation will season your meals for the rest of the week.

Is brocarbonate of soda the best insult of all time?

The exchange doesn’t stop here. Pachachek goes on to coin the term DUDENHEIM MUSEUM. 

And as Michelle says: 

Sexists, think again before you are bro’d into the stratosphere.


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Jasmine Andersson

When she isn't talking about her emotional attachment to meal deals or serenading unfortunate individuals with David Bowie power solos in karaoke booths, Jasmine writes about gender, politics and culture as a freelance journalist. She wastes her days tweeting @the__chez