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Flying has come a long way since that Golden era of jet set glamour Frank Sinatra's crooning track epitomises so well.

Nowadays we're far more likely to associate long-haul flights with cramped legs and toilet queues than Gin gimlets served on demand by some cheery air steward.

But for a lucky few First Class is, of course, an experience apart and one that's set to become all the more decadent thanks to a recent airline makeover.

Virgin Atlantic has invested £100 million in its Upper Class Cabin redesign, launched this week.

As these photos show, they're aiming for the wow effect with a 2.5 metre bar - the "longest in the sky" - boasting bespoke Swarovski curtains studded with 1,000 crystals and a selection of signature cocktails.

There's also specially created mood lighting, so guests can be treated to eight different in-flight "atmospheres."

Beds have been designed to maximise space and comfort with state-of-the-art entertainment hubs.

The redesign took over four years to complete and anyone can get a taste of the luxury on offer with Virgin's PlaneView showroom.

This allows prospective customers (or those who just feel like having a nose) to virtually tour the Upper Class cabin, exploring every tiny detail via interactive videos. Tune in yourself here.

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