Watch: hilarious Commuter Barbie video is the most relatable thing we’ve ever seen

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Sarah Biddlecombe
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Meet Commuter Barbie: her hair is still wet, her possessions are stuffed into a canvas tote bag and she is perpetually late.

She is, essentially, all of us.

One of the most brilliant Barbie parodies to have ever graced the internet, Commuter Barbie embodies all that it means to be a millennial woman commuting to work in this modern day and age.

From the unwieldy yoga mat strapped to her back, to the iPhone loaded up with podcasts (This Barbie Life, natch), she is recognisable for her accessories alone.

She even has a Starbucks cup emblazoned with her misspelled name:

The brainchild of New York housemates Carina Hsieh and Claudia Arisso, an editor and designer, respectively, Commuter Barbie is based on the life of a typical millennial women.

“[She’s] just a girl you see commuting on the train that felt near and dear to us,” Hsieh told BuzzFeed.

“We think she's trying her best with what she's got,” she added.

“But all bets are off when her yoga mat gives her the wingspan of a California condor in a packed train car. Then she’s truly a villain.”

Having conceived their idea for Commuter Barbie, the pair introduced her to the web via a hilarious video ad that quickly went viral (it’s had a whopping 211,000 views so far).

Some of the video references are clearly New York in-jokes (clif bars for breakfast and Trader Joes for dinner, anyone?) but, overall, the video brilliantly references the unique pitfalls that any female commuter will be familiar with.

From wearing giant headphones (“urban ears for an urban girl!”) to block out the catcallers...

To “leaning in” to reclaim her space from the ubiquitous man spreaders (“Commuter Barbie has a seat at the table – and on the train!”)...

To the fact that her hands smell like pennies, after being forced to cling to a pole in the carriage for balance (“Ew! It’s so sweaty!”)…

However, it’s worth pointing out that Commuter Barbie’s relatability factor isn’t all about her commute.

She’s got a work review coming up, but her manager keeps rescheduling it. She’s applying to rent apartments, but needs to provide her last 12 bank statements and six months rent upfront.

Plus, she’ll never make 40 times her rent and finally manage to get on the property ladder.

Commuter Barbie: it takes one to know one.

You can watch the full video below:

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