Quiz: How connected are you really?

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Do you spend hours cultivating your relationships, or does the idea of sharing your feelings fill you with dread? Take our quiz to find out just where you sit on the intimacy scale…

You’re in approximately 74 group chats. You field tons of emails per day. Maybe you’re on a dating app or two.

Chances are you speak to hundreds of people in an average week, but despite all that chit-chat, how connected are you really?

When you’re actually with another person, how much of your attention can they expect to lay claim to?

And how much is still locked on your phone, despite the fact that it’s still in your pocket?

Read on and take our quiz to find out…

Question 1/5

How do you tend to keep up with your friends?

Question 2/5

What’s your approach to sharing a bed?

Question 3/5

Describe your relationship with your phone:

Question 4/5

Your partner asks you to open up to them. How do you respond?

Question 5/5

You get wind of an office romance: how do you react?

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