A cookie dough parlour has arrived in the UK and we are already queuing up

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Jasmine Andersson
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We all know that the best part of making a cake is licking the bowl. Which is why raw cookie dough – though probably a tad questionable on the digestive system – is one of the most glorious treats. It’s so wrong it’s right, as they say.

But instead of buying countless tubs of Ben and Jerry’s in order to pick out all the cookie dough before your housemate gets home, how about just buy it pure? 

Well now you can – because a shop dedicated to cookie dough is opening in London to make all our dreams come true.

Naked Dough, the company that comprises of dough aficionados Jen and Hannah, are setting up an exclusive parlour in Shoreditch, featuring an array of flavours partnered with Kinder Bueno, marshmallows and crunchy peanut butter.

They’ve even got an Ed Sheeran flavour (featuring pieces of honeycomb) which, if his chart success is anything to go by, is sure to be sell-out. 

“When Jen was sitting at her city-based desk job in 2012, dreaming of having any other occupation, she decided to pack it in and fulfil her life ambition of being paid to have chocolate on tap 24/7,” said the so-called ‘Naked Gals’.

“She moved to France to train as a pastry chef, worked in a Michelin star restaurant, then came back to the UK and worked on various foodie projects.” And when Jen caught whiff of the UK’s cookie dough cravings, she had a light bulb moment.

“It wasn't until news of the cookie dough craze in the USA had spread over the pond that she realised that this was what the people of the UK were seriously missing. We had to help them. Jen invited Hannah as a marketing, creative genius and fellow cookie dough connoisseur, to join her on this mission to get Naked.”

And for all of those who have feared the foodstuff since several raw types of the dough were considered to be deadly, the Gals have assured their customers that their dough will be fatality-free.

Devoid of egg and using heat-treated flour, the dough is certified as safe to devour.

So whether you’ll be eating Unicorn Food or Emoji Poos at the shop, we’ll see you there. But save us a spoonful because we were so kind as to inform you, please?


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