Coronavirus is having a serious impact on people living with an eating disorder

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An eating disorder charity has reported a spike in the number of calls made to its helpline ever since the coronavirus was declared a pandemic.

With the coronavirus pandemic set to get worse before it gets better, it’s more important than ever to prioritise your mental health

Stylist has looked at how to regain a sense of stability when everything is changing so fast. We’ve also shared the best online therapy and mental health resources to help with coronavirus anxiety. And here are four practical ways to support someone who is really worried about the pandemic.

But the most recent news from an eating disorder charity proves just how much the situation is affecting people. 

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As reported by The Independent, eating disorder charity Beat has seen a 30% rise in the number of calls to its helpline in the past week of the coronavirus outbreak. The charity says every single contact has made reference to coronavirus as a cause for concern around their ongoing eating disorder.

This is because the NHS is shifting its priorities to deal with coronavirus cases. Many outpatient services for eating disorder patients have shifted to telephone or video appointments, which is also a precautionary measure to maintain social distancing.

In addition, some services have already announced that they will be postponing or cancelling non-urgent appointments.

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“Eating disorders thrive in isolation,” says Beat’s director of services Caroline Price. “It is more important than ever that those with eating disorders feel supported as they cope with changes in routines, living situations and care plans – all of which have the potential to be incredibly triggering.

“It is not surprising that we have seen such a large increase in contact, but we are prepared to support anyone unwell and in need of help at this time.”

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Coronavirus mental health: an eating disorder charity has seen a spike in calls.

In response to this, Beat has set up a section on its website specifically to inform and support people during the coronavirus pandemic. It answers all your questions on treatment, health, food and exercise, and routine and socialising. 

It has also set up The Sanctuary, an online group for anybody who is affected by what’s going on. 

If you’d like more information, visit the Beat website.

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