Maya Jama’s balcony singing video sets a challenge for the rest of us in isolation

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Hollie Richardson
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Maya Jama singing on balcony.

People in Spain and Italy are putting on some seriously impressive balcony performances during the coronavirus isolation period. But will the UK follow suit? Maya Jama gave it a go, and this is what happened.

What is a Friday night in the UK without pubs, restaurants and live entertainment venues? 

It’s a question none of us ever wanted to find out the answer to. But, right now, it’s exactly what we need to do. Because going for a cheeky pint or glass of wine is literally putting people’s lives at risk during the coronavirus pandemic.

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Although London isn’t currently on lockdown, it can’t be totally ruled out. But one thing’s for sure: people are spending a lot of time indoors right now. So how will we cope with passing the time?

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Across Europe, Belgium, France, Italy and Spain are on strict lockdown. And they’re handling it rather admirably. Each night at 8pm, they clap in unison to thank the health workers who are putting themselves at risk everyday to save patients. And you’ll have seen the many videos shared on social media, showing clips of residents singing songs and playing music together on their balconies.

Here are just a few examples (and yes they will probably make you cry).

Yes, there’s no denying that balcony singing is bringing communities together and offering comfort to people. So the question is: will the UK also be taking to their balconies? 

Hmmm, it doesn’t look like we’ll be warming our vocal chords just yet. It’s just not a very British thing to do, right? In fact, radio host Maya Jama found the answer earlier this week. She shared a very funny video of herself singing I Still Believe by Brenda K Starr while drinking a glass of red wine on her balcony. As you might imagine, not one neighbour joined in with the rendition. 

Jama captioned the video: “Tried to lighten the quarantine mood [and] have a sing song but the neighbours aren’t on it.” 

Sure, she didn’t get the audience participation she wanted. But she gets 10/10 for effort. 

Some people on Twitter have also suggested that the UK just isn’t up for the challenge.

However, Scotland has shown the rest of the UK exactly how to do things properly. People sang The Proclaimer’s  song Sunshine On Leith together in a video that has gone viral.

So maybe we will all end up surprising ourselves? After all, it just takes a few brave souls to at least try and get a sing-along going from their balcony. As we become more bored and desperate for ways to pass the time, it might just happen.

Altogether now…

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