Couple pokes fun at newborn photoshoots with hilariously intimate ‘baby burrito’ series

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Comedians Ella Gale and M.K. Paulsen have taken a jibe at the booming newborn baby photography business, with their creatively staged Our Most Precious Burrito photo series.

Hooking up with photographer Erin Holsonback of blog An Indoor Lady, the couple from Austin, Texas, welcome the arrival of their new ‘bundle of joy’ in a series of intimate, heartwarming photographs, which play on the poses traditionally struck by parents during newborn shoots.

That’s not where it ends, however.

Fully committed to the joke, the couple have also set up a Wordpress blog to share their ‘magical photos’, and conducted an entirely in-character interview with Daily Dot.

Talking to the website, the pair revealed, “Having a burrito is such an incredible experience that it seemed ridiculous to keep it to ourselves.

“Absolutely nothing can prepare you to have a burrito, and while it is wonderful, it can be difficult at times. Our little burrito always comes first!

“It may seem silly, but I remember my parents telling me how the world changed when they had a burrito, and I just couldn't fathom it at the time. But now I know.”



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