These hilarious tweets perfectly sum the reality of Christmas in the age of Covid

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Christobel Hastings
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Zoom calls, magic shows and one hilarious canine drive-by: these are the best ways families found connection while staying apart this Christmas.

Let’s face it: the weather outside is frightful, we’re in the midst of a global pandemic, and many of us are spending Christmas alone or apart from our families for the very first time. It’s not exactly a recipe for festive cheer.

And yet! In spite of the restrictions, people are still managing to make the season merry, and find connection in beautiful, inspiring, and hilariously imaginative ways.

Just ask the good people of Twitter, who have been sharing the ways they’ve been celebrating Christmas with the ones they love - from a Covid-safe distance, of course. 

Need a reason to smile? These stay-at-home partygoers are definitely it. Scroll ahead for our favourite moments…

The one with the parental FaceTime

Twitter user @CelticWombat got a tour of everything in his mother’s kitchen, apart from the one thing he needed to see: her face.

The one with the family portrait

Terrifying or hilarious? @JennaLaineESPN’s Mum took the trouble of printing her family’s smiles on masks so their gathering at least looked like a joyous occasion. 

The one with the cardboard cutout

Loved one missing from your celebrations? Twitter user @GraceHallian’s family have the solution.

The one where Dad takes a nap

If your family are bored of your conversation, you know they’ll always keep it real. Just ask @UnpaintedMelody, whose Dad took a snooze during their Zoom call.

The one with the magic show

What do you when your plans for taking your sister on holiday have gone out the window? You channel the indomitable spirit of @skullface and hire a magician to perform over Zoom.

The one with the extra AF Mum

Why suffer the sight of your living room wall when you could be surrounded by the Northern Lights? @John_Stracener’s Mum knows what’s up.

The one with the Christmas drive-by

We defy you not to laugh at Twitter user @molliecollins’ dog in reindeer antlers.

The one with a very festive Mum

There are absolutely no technical difficulties to be seen here, @Imani_Barbarin’s Mum is simply feeling the festive vibes. 

Images: Twitter; Getty