Chic and creative home office designs that make the most of limited living space

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The rate of self-employed women in the UK is on the up right now, propelling a dream of self-sufficiency that often involves working from home - at least to begin with. 

Transforming a section of your home into a place you can work is no mean feat but luckily, help is at hand. Pinterest is suffuse with photos and ideas on how to eek out desk space and create chic and stylish study areas from the most unlikely of places.

From loft and shed conversions to pop-up desks and the best use of light, colour and accessories, we bring you the design tips and tricks for creating your very own beautiful and efficient home office.

So whether you just want to carve out some space to work of an evening or are looking for a permanent base at home, read on for some space inspiration. 

  • The colour block office

    Breathe life into a tiny office by combining monochrome shades with a bold splash of colour, like this oh-so covetable turquoise chair.

    We love this similar design from The Conran Shop

    (via Pinterest)

  • The creative's office

    Add in colour and personality by lining shelves with your favourite photos, prints and clippings. The image pegs are a particularly nice touch.

    Work the effect with these glass hanging frames from

    (via Pinterest)

  • The minimal office

    Need space to think? Clear out all excess clutter for a pared-down area that is relaxing just to look at.

    Visit this very clever blog for tips on how to keep your desk as clean, tidy and organised as this one. 

    (via Pinterest)

  • The inspiration office

    A work space doesn't have to begin with a computer. Take things back to basics by filling a shelf with objects that inspire you and make you tick, whether that's a giant globe or a transistor radio. The office clobber comes in last.

    Stanfords travel store has all the oddities and ornaments you'll need to get you started.

    (via Pinterest)

  • The feel-good office

    For an energising work space that can't fail to cheer you up when you're having a tough day, opt for vibrant, tropical colours interspersed with plants, paintings and lights. 

    Choose a dynamic print like this Kandinsky work for an instant office pick-me-up. 

    (via Pinterest)

  • The retro office

    Retro chic is easy to achieve if you're happy to invest in a few statement pieces like an assortment of lamps, or an old typewriter (more for effect than anything else).

    Scour junk shops or flea markets for suitable pieces, or if your budget allows, head somewhere like The Peanut Vendor - a haven of retro style ideas.

    And if you just happen to have an exposed wall, that will work wonders to complete the look. 

    (via Pinterest)

  • The shed office

    Who said sheds were for lawnmowers? A private space tucked away from your home is the perfect place for a makeshift office and you can't complain at the commute.

    Beg, borrow and steal furniture for a shabby chic look that only a shed setting could carry off. Visit here for tips on how to convert your garden shed and insights into "shedworking". 

    (via Pinterest)

  • The windowside office

    If you have a lovely source of natural light like this, make the most of it. Not only will it be an endless source of creative inspiration (take a look out every time you're clamouring for an idea), research suggests it will also make you more productive.

    These tea light holders from Oliver Bonas would look great lined up along the windowsill, for an extra splash of ambiance. 

    (via Pinterest)

  • The homely office

    Create a sense of warmth and snugness by throwing in a few personal touches such as wicker baskets and a dash of foliage.

    Habitat have a great range of woven accessories and John Lewis do a nice line in deliverable plants. 

    (via Pinterest)

  • The loft office

    Attics make the most glorious offices and it's amazing what you can do with an apparently small and dingy space. Choose the point with the most natural light for your desk and invest in good paintwork and lighting infrastructure. 

    That's all the groundwork you need for a space as charming and cosy as this. Behold some tricks on transforming your loft into an office. 

    (via Pinterest)

  • The pop-up office

    A pop-up (or flip-down) desk is the ideal solution when you're seriously short on space and have to factor in tricky extras like sloping walls.

    Invest in a wall-mounted table such as this design from Ikea and arrange your accessorises on shelves around it, or work them into your space (as with this picture).

    (via Pinterest)


  • The neutral hue office

    Light brown meets white and beige for an ambient, soothing office that you will actively want to work in. Less is more here; stick to a simple, neutral colour set and minimal décor. has a lovely edit of desks to suit this look.

    (via Pinterest)

  • The industrial office

    This office theme may be a little extreme but it definitely packs a visual punch. It's the way forward if you're keen to make a statement. Go for metallic furnishings and reduced décor for an industrial feel and invest in desk plants and green glass bottles and tumblers to give the look a raw finish.

    Use products by Graham and Green as your inspiration. 

    (via Pinterest)

  • The squeeze-in office

    This is the kind of make-do office that will utilize whatever space it's in - whether that's squeezed under stairs, nestled within a mezzanine bed or tucked beneath a sloping ceiling. As this photo shows, it can still be beautiful but you really need to be organized; any hint of clutter or mess and the whole thing falls apart. is your friend for de-cluttering ideas, from organising your wires to giving everything a "flow".

    (via Pinterest)


  • The upcycled office

    Instead of buying new furniture for your home office, you could always upcycle what you already have. Give your dull pine desk a coral pink makeover and invest in few complementary desk accessories (lamp, picture etc.) for a brand new and invigorating space.

    Find details on how to upcycle here

    (via Pinterest)

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