Watch: this Jack Russell’s hilarious Crufts performance has won the internet

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Olly the Jack Russell was never going to win Best in Show, but he won the internet thanks to his hilariously terrible performance at Crufts 2017.

The rescue dog became a tad overexcited during the agility competition… and ran around the wrong way.

Ignoring all instructions from his handler, Karen, Olly was seen sprinting around the arena, skipping the more boring parts of the course, attempting to escape the arena entirely, falling off obstacles, and – most incredibly of all – face-planting after taking a huge, overambitious jump.

The little pooch wasn’t deterred by his tumble, though; instead, he bounced back up again, wagging his tail, and more than ready to have a go at the next trick.

It was all too much for the Channel 4 commentator, who collapsed into giggles as he watched the scene unfold before him.

“Wrong way!” called out the presenter, before adding: “Oh well, it really doesn’t matter. He is an absolute handful – totally crazy, and, as you can see, he’s having a ball.

“He loves life and exercise.”

No kidding.

Watch Olly’s performance for yourself below:

Despite her headstrong pooch’s best intentions, Karen did her best to complete the course – and received praise from the amused commentators as a result.

“Well done to The Blue Cross,” they said. “Persevere. First, though, catch your dog.”

Olly’s performance has since been shared on YouTube, where it’s racked up a cool 3.2 million views (and counting).

And, in a bid to help fans get to know the terrier a little better, Crufts 2017 have since released a special video all about Olly.

Check it out:

“Thank goodness to The Blue Cross for providing me with such a wonderful dog,” said Karen.

“He was left in a cat basket at six weeks old, and the charity did an amazing job looking after him. We went down and picked him up when he was 11 weeks old, and we’ve had him ever since. He’s now about five – and he’s just so much fun.”

Karen went on to thank YouTube users for taking the time to comment about her pooch, before recalling an incident where Olly ran off, stole a decorator’s brush, and ran home covered in paint.

“He’s a real character,” she added – slightly unnecessarily, by this point. It’s clear to see that this little rescue dog has bounds of energy, and a very mischievous personality.

To find out more about the work of The Blue Cross (as well as rehoming, they also provide veterinary care and educate pet owners about their furry friends), visit their website now.

Images: Crufts


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