5 cute animal videos

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From a beagle puppy that insists on playing with a bitter lemon to a baby Shetland pony enjoying a snooze, these five cute animal films are sure to have you chuckling at your desk this Friday.

Videos compiled by social video platform Unruly

Beagle vs. lemon

This curious beagle soon regrets his decision to investigate this funny-looking yellow object on the floor. While the sour taste and smell of the lemon comically drive him to distraction, he refuses to be beaten by his zesty competitor.

Kitten suddenly falls asleep

You know those times, usually around late afternoon, when you just fancy a little siesta? Well this cute kitty feels exactly the same…

Baby foal dreaming

Next up, another snoozing pet. Watch Elmo the baby Shetland foal seemingly dreaming of running in the fields as he moves his little hooves in his sleep - and his wake-up whinny is just too cute!

OMG, I’ve lost my owner

A bouncy Irish terrier has a little freak-out moment when he thinks he’s lost his owner in the park, but happily it all ends well.

Cute Siberian tiger cubs

A tiny zoo in Hungary has suddenly become very popular since three seriously cute tiger cubs, named Ussari, Reika and Nadinka joined the fold…