8 reasons we want to be a zookeeper

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January stocktaking isn't such a dreadful task for staff at London Zoo and luckily Stylist has got hold of some images from their incredible yearly register.

The zoo has to take note of every one of more than 17,000 living creatures that live there - with eight of those pictured in all their glory, below.

1. Meerkats. They don't just sell car insurance - these curious meerkats, below, are popular London Zoo residents keen to see what their keeper is writing about them in her register.

2. Barn Owl. The humble - but very cute - Barn Owl, below is very calm and dignified during its keeper's notetaking.

3. Penguins. Fresh from a swim, these penguins line up obediently for Zoo keeper Zuzana Matyasova to count each one, below.

4. Monkeys. This cheeky Black-capped Bolivian Squirrel monkey, below, doesn't want to stand still to be registered.

5. Spiders. They may not be everyone's dream pet but this Red Kneed Spider, below, looks rather friendly to us.

6. Snakes. Grappling with a Diamond Python, below, is much more exciting than number-crunching from behind a desk.

7. Stick Insects. Close-up, this Jungle Nymph, below, looks about as cute as a stick insect can be:

8. Frogs. This Bull Frog looks grumpy but adorable covered in mud, below.

Let us know which animal would make you want to be a zookeeper on Twitter or in the comments section below.

Words: Anna Pollitt. Pictures: Rex Features


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