A look inside the orangutan orphanage

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This is the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation, where orphaned baby apes are cared for by their very own nannies.

Abandoned youngsters are brought into the centre in Kalimantan, Borneo, after their own mothers have left them or been killed by poaching and jungle clearing.

They are often starving and unwell but dedicated nannies are on-hand to nurse them back to health.

These women look after up to six baby orangutans around the clock, feeding them, playing with them and changing their nappies.

The nannies' day starts at around 4am when the infants wake up. They spend the rest of the day feeding them soy milk, teaching them jungle survival skills and comforting them when they become lonely or sick.

"I saw the pain in the orangutans' innocent eyes, of being separated from their mothers," said photographer Regina Safri. "Their soft voice reminded me of an ode of home and how they miss it."

Photos: Barcroft Media, courtesy of Regina Safri/Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation