A newborn lamb tries to make friends with a dog and cat

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A new baby lamb is causing quite a stir amongst the pets on a farm in Arizona. The blog Camels and Friends, which documents a women's life on her farm, posted this adorable video of a newly born lamb trying to interact with the house dog and cat.

But Sugar Tree, the dog, and Pancake, the cat, are nervous about the new arrival who was born on 24 February.

However, the baby lamb isn't letting that get to her. She's already trying to make peace with Sugar Tree who is particularly unnerved by her. Meanwhile, Pancake, like a true cat, is acting effortlessly cool and nonchalant about the whole thing.

Alex Komechak, the owner of blog Camels and Friends, has yet to name the lamb but has said she is "going to stick with a Roman/Greek/Mythology type name, as all my pure Mouflon have them".

Komechak has loved animals her entire life and after moving to Arizona at the age of 19, she bought a plot of land and rehabilitated all kinds of wildlife, from Dromedary camels to rescue dogs.

Her latest addition, the baby lamb, has made our Friday. It almost beats the panda puppies and cute dogs in cups from previous weeks.

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