Baby goat given wheels for legs

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In what is probably, no, definitely, the cutest story of the week, a little baby goat, whose hind legs don't work, has learnt how to walk using the help of some wheels attached to its back.

The goat, who goes by the name Frostie The Snowgoat (of course) suffers from joint naval ill, and because of that his body has a lot of toxins in it which means he couldn't walk around.

Thankfully, the little tyke is being cared for by the Australian farm sanctuary Edgar's Mission who have looked after the goat and are nursing him back to health.

However, even though they pumped him full of anti-biotics, he couldn't use his back legs, which he needed to do to help get rid of all the poison in his body.

Luckily, to help out little Frostie and get him moving, the non-profit organisation borrowed the contraption from the famous pig-in-wheelchair Leon Trotsky, who was also taken care of by Edgar’s Mission.

He's now enjoying running around on his new wheels, which is incredibly cute and heartwarming.

You can watch his story below although you will need to get the tissues ready as you will cry, no question.


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