Cats turn their paws to DJ-ing

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If you're wondering what to get your cat this Christmas (and let's face it, who's not?), then let this brand new - and frankly genius - kitty turntable inspire you.

Designed exclusively for felines, the "Cat Scratch" allows all aspiring Catboy Slims to unleash their inner talents while flexing their claws at the same time.

The brainchild of British company SUCK UK, the £15 deck comes complete with a record and a movable record stylus arm.

The record even spins when scatched to make the DJ setup more believable - pleasing even the most sceptical cats out there.

Still not convinced? Check out the spinning talents of various musical kitties from YouTube, below (if rap tunes aren't your thing, there's also a classical piano-playing cat and a guitar-strumming feline too). How's that for talent?

Below: DJ Kitty rules the decks. Nice tunes but moves are just a little repetitive...

Below: 'DJ Monkey' gets to grips with some spinning. Is he one quick learner or what?

Below: Nora, the world-famous piano cat, delights with a few of her favourite sonatas...

Below: The next Bob Dylan strums a few tunes on his gui-tar, in what is both a profound and moving performance

Main picture credits: SUCK UK / Rex Features