Cute! Kitten in a mini shopping trolley

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Behind this ridiculously adorable picture (come on! How often do you get to see a kitten being pushed around in a mini shopping trolley by another cat?) lies a sad tale.

ABOVE: Chesney and Joey the kitten

Poor little kitten Joey sadly became an orphan at just a few weeks old, when his mum was run over while crossing the street in Exeter.

ABOVE: Joey was left all alone when his mum died while crossing the street

Happily though, after the accident, Joey was taken in by the Axhayes Adoption Centre for Cats in Exeter and introduced to a new family – including ‘adoptive brother’ Chesney.

ABOVE: Chesney and Joey are now best buds as well as 'adoptive brothers'

Despite being six weeks older than Joey and almost three times as big, Chesney has taken the little mite under his… err, paw, and now the pair are shopping for a new home for themselves, Chesney’s mum and siblings – hence the shopping trolley, obviously.

ABOVE: Shopping for a new home - the pair are looking for a kind owner to take on the whole family

Images: Rex