Cutest Pet Contest: Even more entries

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We thought our Cute Pet Competition might be popular, but we didn't quite anticipate just how many of you had adorable furry friends you wanted to share with us! We've spent days tirelessly uploading your cute photos into galleries for your viewing pleasure (a hard job, we know) and are still in the midst of it (so if you can't see your pet in our galleries - watch this space!). So here's a third gallery of pet photos to swoon over - meet all of our pet contest entries here.

  • Cute Pet Contest: Adam

    "He is an old man in a young dogs body, he is the worlds biggest baby and also the naughtiest. His gorgeous big blues means he gets away with murder and knows it. we love him and wouldn't change him for the world."

    - Shane Ivison

  • Cute Pet Contest: Albus and Percival

    "When I greet them to feed them in the morning they let me give them a kiss on the nose :) "

    - Victoria Gooch

  • Cute Pet Contest: Alfie

    "Because he is the sweetest, most handsome fella!"

    - Sarah Gardiner

  • Cute Pet Contest: Alfie

    "A 15 minute walk with Alfie turns into an hour and half- you can't walk 5 steps without someone coming over and cooing over him. He absolutely laps it up and will start playing and being cheeky. The real beauty about Alfie though, is that he can sense when you're down and need cheering up. One time I was upset, he immediately dropped his squeaky bone and jumped on the sofa and started licking me and rolling around to try and make me laugh. He has a little Shih Tzu heart of gold."

    - Naomi Kay

  • Cute Pet Contest: Alice

    "Alice isn't a young puppy anymore. She's developed some food allergies and is on some medication that makes her a bit trembly and slow up the stairs, but she still enjoys drowsing in the sunlight after a fierce morning walk, during which she invariably forgets how old and decrepit she is, and goes absolutely nuts chasing a squidgy ball down the beach. I know she won't be with us for much longer and I will dearly miss the sight of her little terrier derriere and downy saddle."

    - Rose Hoare

  • Cute Pet Contest: Aslan

    "Aslan is a named after the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia. Aslan is a tiny version of him but with all the love and charm, and of course the mane. He is the cutest."

    - Michelle

  • Cute Pet Contest: Audrey

    "I got Audrey at a shelter, someone had abandoned her on Christmas eve, she came bounding over to me and licked my sister and I to within an inch of our lives - I took her home to her new velvet bed and she has never left my side, apart from when she is chasing leaves, or a stick or encouraging me to make duck a l'orange for her at the park. Here she is using her innocent face after slobbering on my silk cushion"

    -Sarah Thoms

  • Cute Pet Contest: Ava

    "Ava, the white german shepherd, named after Ava Gardner, beautiful and majestic is our recent addition to our family. We rescued her from German Shepherd Rescue last week and she has already become a solid member of our clan. She is Clumsy and dopey we can't live without our little polar bear. She is true to her breed, guarding our home and keeping us safe, she wont settle until we are settled. She shadows us all. We couldn't live without her!"

    - Amelia Cain

  • Cute Pet Contest: Bangle

    "Bangle the 'miniature' Springer Spaniel was a failed gun dog. We rescued her aged 14 months and she started off really shy and nervous but gradually over the years has come out of her shell. She's the prettiest and most intelligent dog in the world, has an obsession with finding tennis balls, loves splashing around in the puddles, rivers and the sea and likes nothing better than coming in to work with me and sitting at my feet all day. In this photo she is attempting to smile. Oh and she is trying very hard to learn human speech but so far has only managed a few grunts. Honest."

    - Katy

  • Cute Pet Contest: Barney

    "Barney is a grumpy old man but smiles to order whenever you point a camera at him!"

    - Emma Twyford

  • Cute Pet Contest: Beano

    "Beano was the cutest kitten in the world- fact. He was a cat full of character, and when he passed away 2 years ago (at the ripe old age of 18) a Facebook page was set up in his honour (not by me), and my neighbour even phoned up in tears to say how sad she was that he was gone!"


  • Cute Pet Contest: Bear

    "Because he has no concept of personal space and likes to be as close to me as possible at all times. I wake up every morning to his giant fluffy face an inch away from mine, which is a great way to start the day!"


  • Cute Pet Contest: Beau

    "Just look at her, she is sweet, daft, cuddly, scared, and a little bit tubby, and prone to hiding in beds, where she can be her cutest!"

    - Helen Cruse

  • Cute Pet Contest: Bella

    "My French Bulldog pup loves cuddles, makes me laugh and falls asleep in the most random of places.....including this ski helmet! She also has the most adorable ears that tell a story all on their own!"

    - Sara Robinson

  • Cute Pet Contest: Bernadette

    "She's the cutest because she can make my wonkyy attempt at a reindeer costume look like a million bucks!"

    - Fabienne Nicholas

  • Cute Pet Contest: Blossom

    "Blossom, RIP, was the best pet ever - she would curl up behind my bent knees at night to sleep, and wake me up in the morning with kisses on my face! Delicious and snuggly and warm and clever, she was the most adorable little creature you could ever meet!"

    - Natasha Walton

  • Cute Pet Contest: Jean

    "To melt a heart, like mine, (colder than an Antarctic choc ice) demands major skills in the cuteness department. My Miniature Schnauzer de-freezes me, every time"

    - Nathan Harlow

  • Cute Pet Contest: Boo Bear

    "Little Boo Bear is a 5 year old Yoodle aka Yorkshire Terrier Poodle Cross. She may only be 5lbs in weight but loves to race around the park with her BFF Wilfe the Labradoddle! She has a passion for venison, snuggles and cashmere blankets. She is very chilled out with going to the office, being in photoshoots and travelling around the place. She won't play catch with you but she will throw the ball for herself. Even the most hardened hearts will melt in her company!"

    - Jessica

  • Cute Pet Contest: Bryn

    "Named after Uncle Bryn from Gavin & Stacey, our very own Bryn is a rescue dog from an Irish puppy farm. We adopted him at 6 months old and h'd obviously had a tough life. Now nothing makes him happier than a cuddle, his tatty old yellow football and running. Bryn is always so happy to see you that even if you've just nipped upstairs to the loo you'll always be welcomed back downstairs with Bryn's happy howling song!! He's also very metrosexual and fussy about his appearance - he once broke a nail and was so distraught he had to be sedated! He's also the only non-Dalmation I've ever met to be spotty!!"

    - Hannah Thomas

  • Cute Pet Contest: Buddy

    "Buddy, who we nearly called Elvis, is an Italian greyhound with a quarter whippet... and a little tinker. He's always up to mischief but has proved to be extraordinarily photogenic in the sunshine (which helps) and cuddly. He can't half move, but after a ten minute sprint is the laziest dog I've ever met. He once raided a picnic in the park, took a liking to salsa and knocked over an entire Ferrero Rocher tower in the process. Luckily, one look at his gangly legs and amusingly-long nose and they forgave him immediately."

    - Heather Pass

  • Cute Pet Contest: Buddy

    "Buddy is 6 years old & filled with personality!! He smiles, he pouts, he has an awesome Elvis face with a curled lip and he bounces when he is happy. He has been with us for 1 1/2 yrs. after we picked him up at an animal shelter. He is the sweetest, best dog ever."

    - Laura Nelli

  • Cute Pet Contest: Bushrat

    "Bushrat is such a unique little dog. He has a terrible overbite, had to get a second set of teeth removed and sits like a strange as he is, he's super cute!"

    - Christina Schroder

  • Cute Pet Contest: Button

    "Button is a rag doll cat. She has gigantic blue eyes which always incite forgiveness when she has done something naughty. When she isn't flopping about in your arms, she is burrowing into your bed to sleep next to you or hiding by plant pots. Button secretly thinks that she is a jungle cat and likes to hide behind any foliage, but especially peonies, before jumping out at you with a triumphant mew."

    - Nicola Lamb

  • Cute Pet Contest: Chip

    "Because she's actually a little rascal, despite looking sweet and innocent."

    - Jen Riley

  • Cute Pet Contest: Chloe

    "Because she is a big ball of fluff and wakes me up every morning by licking my face!"

    - Nadia Chergui

  • Cute Pet Contest: Chubby

    "My Pet is the cutest because he loves cuddles and follows me wherever i go around the house. He even does the 'sad puppy dog eyes' when he wants some food! He always makes me smile and loves all the attention he gets when we go for walks! The best way i can describe him in 5 words is loyal, funny, adventurous, cheeky and CUTE!!!"

    - James Richardson

  • Cute Pet Contest: Coco and Pip

    "They are the best of friends! Favourite things include destroying socks in tug of war games, snuggling and wrestling."

    - Siobhan Rossetter

  • Cute Pet Contest: Cookie

    "She is a superdoooooooooooooooooog!!"

    - Ian Stevenson

  • Cute Pet Contest: Crystal

    "Whenever we take Crystal out with us we count the 'cutes'. She is constantly referred to by passers by as 'cute'. She still looks just like a puppy and people are constantly surprised when we tell them that she is now three years old."

    - Alison Edwards

  • Cute Pet Contest: Dali

    "Dali is a grumpy old man of about 8 or 9 years old, but seems to know he's a pretty puss sometimes... Like when I point my camera at him and he poses like this! He's such a handsome boy, and is spoilt rotten - loves his lap cuddles first thing in the morning, and loves settling down on the bed in the night for a nice long purry sleep :)"

    - Vikki Payne

  • Cute Pet Contest: Dede

    "Dede loves to act all cute and thinks hes a baby!"

    - Holly Bednall

  • Cute Pet Contest: Dexter

    "My little Dexter is the cutest little pet in the whole entire world as he is always up to mischief, as you can see in this photograph where he got himself stuck in the fence. No matter how much mischief he causes it is always forgiven when you look into his little eyes. Seriously, how could you ever be mad at something this cute!! Dexter’s breed name is “Jackawawaa” which is a cross between a miniature Jack Russell and a Chihuahua, he weighs less the 1 stone."

    - Amy Coupe

  • Cute Pet Contest: Dolly

    "Dolly's gorgeous grey fur and cartoon like face is what makes her the cutest pet. She snores like an old man, purrs like a princess and loves to hide in places she is too big for thinking I can't see her."

    - Zoe Bloor

  • Cute Pet Contest: Dotti

    "With her wet black nose and her twinkley brown eyes her scruf bag coat and big fluffy paws, there is no dog cuter than Dottie out on a walk for the first time in the snow!"

    - Sarah Mayhew

  • Cute Pet Contest: Douggie

    "He's the cutest puppy in the world, a minnie spit the dog and all he likes is cuddles and kisses."

    - Barney Hubble

  • Cute Pet Contest: Edward Scissorhands

    "Because he thinks he's such a big tough boy and he's a pussycat underneath all those claws. I love him."

    - Kate Munro

  • Cute Pet Contest: Eric and Ernie

    "Eric and Ernie are the cutest after they've had a silly half hour running round the house - only to collapse on the radiator and fall asleep!"

    - Lisa Buckley

  • Cute Pet Contest: Evie

    "Evie loves nothing more than a cuddle with her family. This tiny bundle of joy is constantly bringing her treats to share with others. She is small enough to climb inside a male shoe and regularly jumps inside open handbags to ensure she doesn't get left behind."

    - Laura

  • Cute Pet Contest: Flo

    "Because see her wagging tail when i open the door after a long day at work can't be beaten!"

    - Flo

  • Cute Pet Contest: Frank

    "Frank is the cutest because..... - He will listen to anyones problems - He is great for cuddles - He looks sad but is always happy - He is chilled out and loves watching Boardwalk Empire - He is looking at his competitiors pictures as we speak and wishing them the best of luck - He loves Wednesdays as its Stylist night so he gets to sit on my lap and read it with me (yes, fashion and beauty are his life too)"

    - Tara Close

  • Cute Pet Contest: Frankie

    "Frankie is a 1 and a half years old miniature dachshund. She commutes every day with me to work in London and gets a lot of attention and bring lots of smiles. She is the cutest to my eyes of course simply because she is our lovely companion."

    - Anna Prestwich

  • Cute Pet Contest: Frankie

    "Frankie is such a character. She is lots fun and such an affectionate companion when she comes happy to see with her waggly bottom. Love her to bits."

    - Anna Prestwich

  • Cute Pet Contest: Fudge

    "He is just lovely, I say he, he was born a hermaphrodite, but I class him as my boy, he's one of the cutest caring kitties I've ever met. I had his mum but she went missing a few months ago, since then he's been even more cute and cuddly, I wake up with him cuddled next to my face in the mornings and he's so happy to see me when I get home from work, he's just awesome and I love him dearly :)"

    - Rebecca Meredith

  • Cute Pet Contest: Gigi

    "This little pest used to drool, snore and climb into anything that would just about fit her, including a package I was going to mail home to my mother."

    - Ross Howard

  • Cute Pet Contest: Harley D

    "He's an adorable but mischevious Beagle. All he ever wants is cuddles and neck kisses (he does the drama queen neck throw back and expects to be kissed all night)! He gives us hours of giggles by just being him and we couldnt imagine our lives without him."

    - Aimee Hill

  • Cute Pet Contest: Harry

    "Harry is a resuce kitten who was found in a bush with his brothers and sisters, close to the Olympic site. If you wear a soft jumper he nuzzles and sucks it, thinking you are mummy cat!"

    - Charlene Legg

  • Cute Pet Contest: Harry

    "He's so lovable, perfect around children, he's the bestest dog ever. He knows how to cuddle and he's so soft."

    - Siobhan Marie

  • Cute Pet Contest: Heidi

    "Heidi is an 11 month old labrador puppy who just loves everyone and everything. Despite getting hit by a car, she has been such a strong and brave puppy and still manages to look adorable even when wearing her buster collar aka the cone of shame."

    - Claire Kerry

  • Cute Pet Contest: Hendrix

    "He is just a little fluffy bundle of energy!"

    - Alexandra Clough

  • Cute Pet Contest: Henry

    "Henry is a Pug puppy who thinks he's a wolf and isn't scared of anything or anyone. He gets up to lots of mischief and his cuteness increases in direct proportion to his naughtiness which makes him very hard to tell off. He likes to chase flying birds, run around manically in circles and then cuddle up and snore noisily on your lap."

    - Jodie Wood

  • Cute Pet Contest: Iggy Hop

    "Iggy (taking after his Rock 'N' Roll Father) is a lover of loud music, chocolate narcotics and general destruction. The miniature rock-star enjoys throwing tantrums when he isn't let out of his dressing room or provided suitable canapes to his taste. A rabbit of snobbery, angst and inebriation. Though don't fret, you shan't catch him advertising pet insurance any time soon!"

    - Robyn Peatfield

  • Cute Pet Contest: Indi

    "Little Indi - cute face and cute personality. You best friend"

    - Maddy O'Donnell-Jappy

  • Cute Pet Contest: Jake

    "He greets everyone with a smile, has one ear that always flops over but is still the most handsome dog in the world."

    - Brenda Casey

  • Cute Pet Contest: Jazzy

    "Jazzy is not the most gorgeous cat in the entire world but he is the cutest because of the things he does. We got him as a rescue cat when he was aged 10 and he did pick us; we were looking at the adorable kittens but he sat and pulled cute little doey eyes at us and we couldn't resist. He likes movie nights and will sit and help himself to popcorn and crisps and I can take him for walks. He is just the sweetest natured cat I have ever met - I am biased though!"

    - Carol Baker

  • Cute Pet Contest: JJ

    "This is JJ. He will high five you for a piece of cheese."

    - Carys Kirkpatrick

  • Cute Pet Contest: John

    "He has the most expressive eyes in the world, even looks like a little man! Definitely he's THE man of our house, among three grown-up women and 2 female puppies. How can he not be the cutest one?"

    - Gabriella Leite

  • Cute Pet Contest: Keef

    "The biggest reason he is cute is that we named him Keef after Keef Richards and we totally should have called him Louis XVII as he is a bit of a drama queen. Keef mate, you rock my world and I am proud to call you my friend."

    - Victoria Ruffy

  • Cute Pet Contest: Kip

    "After rescuing Kip from Battersea Dogs Home in Windsor 3 years ago as a timid, scruffy little terrier, he has become the most trusting, affectionate and sometimes off-the-wall dog! He loves nothing more than laying on the sofa and taking control of the Sky+ remote control as you can see. He has brought such joy and fun to every single day since re-homing him."

    - Thomas McGlashan

  • Cute Pet Contest: Koni-Chiwa

    "Koni - or "Koni Bear" (as she is known to her friends) is the gentle giant polar bear of Brighton. Ears pricked, swishy curled tail swishing, she brings joy to all she meets (two and four-legged, big and small). She happily surrenders to cuddles with a wide grin and a nose nudge. Koni is an 18-month rescue dog – yet her heartbreakingly unsettled start has neither inhibited her love for her new family nor curbed her enthusiasm for life. Gloriously uncoordinated, our Koni is a bit of a gallumpfer - but we love her all the more for it!" - Emma Topping

  • Cute Pet Contest: Leni

    "She is just the cutest sweetest girl who is very naughty but i wouldn't have her any other way!"

    - Carley Lynham

  • Cute Pet Contest: Lily

    "Lily doesn't think of herself as a dog, but as a teeny tiny human. She shuns bones and chewy bones in favour of her favourite toy brush, although she usually makes the mess rather than cleaning it up. She loves getting pampered and dressed up and as you can see she knows how to accessorise...she is the cutest"

    - Rebecca McShane

  • Cute Pet Contest: Lofty

    "When Lofty was a puppy he was the biggest puppy in the basket but then all his siblings grew and he stayed a permanent puppy forever!"

    - Claire Lindley

  • Cute Pet Contest: Lola

    "She is a beautiful whippet, lovely temperament and wonderful pet."

    - Miss Annie-Jo Poole

  • Cute Pet Contest: Lulu

    "Here is Lulu at 12 weeks old demonstrating how good she is at 'sit', and looking very pleased with herself indeed."

    - S Edwards

  • Cute Pet Contest: Lupo

    "We were very proud of Lupo as a kitten, as he broke the feline world record for so many whiskers at such a young age. He is the cutest pet as he somehow manages to have very human facial expressions, mostly looking bemused, frightend and confused. Kate and William have also recently named their new puppy 'Lupo', and our Lupo has coped with the paparazzi attention very admirably in recent weeks."

    - Marianna Criscuolo

  • Cute Pet Contest: Marcel

    "Marcel is a very patient cat and will always proudly wear whatever we put on him and pose for the camera."

    - Cecile Van Dijk

  • Cute Pet Contest: Marco

    "Marco is like a human, he can be lazy, cheeky, annoying (in a good way) and the loveliest pet one could have. Comfiness is his moto. Who can resist this face?"

    - Paula Machado

  • Cute Pet Contest: Michi Michi

    "My name is Michi. I was adopted a few years ago and now enjoy a relaxing life. I enjoy sleeping under the radiator and demanding that my slaves (owners/family) give me all the jelly meat I require on demand - I don't do gravy. I have a sister who is a yorkshire terrier (Lulu). Although she pesters me I somehow find the strength to tolerate her, but she knows I'm the true boss."

  • Cute Pet Contest: Millie and Max

    "These two kitties love cuddles, and more importantly brighten up my day. Max is quite clearly the man of the house, he often is out in the garden for hours on his own little adventures and is a keen hunter. Millie is a little more docile, she chirps and holds her own little conversations with you and has not yet mastered hunting... strangely preferring worms and slices of bread. They also love pestering our big cat Maddy"

  • Cute Pet Contest: Milly

    "Milly is a loving, caring and very cuddly Jack Russell puppy and is most definitely the cutest pet. When she isn't chasing squirrels, pigeons, birds or her tail, Milly can be found curled up in her favourite spot, wrapped in blankets with just her face popping out to ensure she doesn't miss a thing or 'spooning' (yes, dog's spoon) her cuddly toy!"

  • Cute Pet Contest: Milo

    "Milo is a very polite companion with his miniature teddy bear."

    - Alexandra Merri

  • Cute Pet Contest: Milo

    "You were tired and sad with no family, Deep down you were charming, that was easy to see. Sad little pug as lonely as sin, with 3 previous owners you never fit in. I alone saw the beauty in you, I made you a promise, no more wandering, that's through.

    Not a typical pug, he thinks he's a greyhound He can run and run us all into the ground. Fearless and brave when pounding the streets, But indoors loves nothing more, than snoozing on my feet. As soon as your sat, he's on your lap, Desperate to please, such a funny little chap. He may not be graceful, he may not be tame But you're a lost boy no more, you now have a name.

    All you needed was love and patience. And now you are becoming a proper little gent. I'm thankful and happy we found each other now you're here to stay, my sweet little snuggler. So a message to you judges, whoever you may be, I hope you see what I see in my Milo, my adorable baby"

    - Ellie Wood

  • Cute Pet Contest: Miss Maisie Bella

    "Maisie has had health problems since she was a little kitten and has been through a lot and has remained the gentlest, lovliest little cat. She plays fetch like a dog and also carries her favourite toys around in her mouth until she finds someone she wants to play with, where she drops the toy at their feet. She's got a lovely little face and a lovey nature to match."

    - Jacqueline Monaghan

  • Cute Pet Contest: Misty

    "Look at her! She sticks her tongue out when she's happy. She's Misty the mysterious grey kitty who turned up at our house looking for a home. She's also pregnant. Even cuter miniature version are on their way!"

    - Rebecca Johnson

  • Cute Pet Contest: Mitzy May Von Fluffy Bottom

    "From nibbles on noses, to whiskers on kittens From purrs in my earhole, to little soft bitings Stripy and furry, loving and naughty Mitzy May is my favourite thing!"

    - Sarah Wolf

  • Cute Pet Contest: Murphy

    "Four year old gorgeous Golden Retriever - as cute now as he was as a puppy. Kind, fun loving, affectionate, loyal, bursting with energy, young at heart. Loves children as much as he loves splashing around in any kind of water. The best (and most adorable) pet you can ever hope to have. Beyond cute."

    - Stephanie Branston

  • Cute Pet Contest: Muse

    "She is a real toy pet! Muse loves to play and sleep in our bed. She keeps following me around everywhere! Little puppy in Kittens body."

    - Erika

  • Cute Pet Contest: Percy

    "He is a beautiful cocker spaniel called Percy, who has lovely floppy long ears, fur like a teddy bear and likes nothing more than to curl up in all the comfy places of the house, including in the bed if he gets the chance!"

    - Cate

  • Cute Pet Contest: Pooch

    "Just look at her now! My boyfriend found her in the street before christmas last year and when no-one came forward we adopted her. She is yappy, bossy and socially awkward and clearly grateful for her new home."

    - Sara Hamilton

  • Cute Pet Contest: Pookie

    "You are always guaranteed a smile with Pookie the Pug."

    - Hollie Morgan

  • Cute Pet Contest: Poppy

    "She follows you around everywhere because she wants to cuddle all the time! She loves sleeping in the middle of every bed, sofa, chair or basket because she always wants to be the centre of attention - it's so cute!"

    - Sammy

  • Cute Pet Contest: Pucci

    "Pucci is fictional, but not loved any less for it! She came into my life back in 2010 and changed the way I worked and inspired me to be more creative. This has led on to me gaining connections and friends across the globe! Which is amazingly fabulous and rewarding. Drawing/creating her was a great thing!! : ) (Cheeky of me? Maybe, but she is sweet! I wan aiming for glamorous with her, but instead she has granniesque chic!!)"

    - Jo Chambers

  • Cute Pet Contest: Wolfie

    "Wolfie is the most loving and lovable litle mite. He is also training to become a therapy dog so he can visit children's wards, old people's homes and hospices spreading the Wolfie cheer. He's also the most loyal little guard dog xxx"

    - Leila Monks

  • Cute Pet Contest: Rapha

    "Rapha is the talk of Hampstead Heath when he's wearing his hand-knitted Grr-Ruff!"

    - Sarah Brooks

  • Cute Pet Contest: Rocco

    "Rocco is special. He has used up three of his nine lives and never acts in a sensible enough manner to persuade you that nine is nearly enough. With his raucous mewing and adventurous spirit, as well as his unrivalled ability to fit into strange places, you always wish he had nineteen, or ninety lives. Rocco is a problem cat and has never grown larger than the size of a kitten and his fur always looks mucky even if you've washed him but five minutes before. Sadly his liver doesn't work very well, so he's always a little jaundiced and having had a run in with a car can't walk as well as he used to - he always runs to greet you at the door though to check you've had a good day."

    - Nicola Lamb

  • Cute Pet Contest: Ronnie and Reggie

    "They are the cutest pair of brothers. They never go anywhere without each other. It's sooo cute to see how much they love each other"

    - Katie Wright

  • Cute Pet Contest: Rosie

    "She is my daughter's biggest fan, her staunchest defender, her best friend! The two are inseperable, even at bedtime!"

    - Juliet

  • Cute Pet Contest: Rossi

    "We have a 15 month old Siberian Husky called Rossi.He looks like a wolf, and has thick, soft coat that makes him infinitely cuddly. He has piercing eyes, and wonderful masks that gives him a roguish and unique look. Rossi is a very special, and lovable breed.Although he may look like a fierce wolf, he has the heart of a Casanova. All he wants to do is greet everyone, and give them licks. He is very friendly t0 both adults and children.He is a happy, goofy, and trusting dog, that likes to be with everyone. He is the cutest dog as he has a cheeky smile and loves to be cuddled and gives us cuddles and licks to show his affection and above all he loves us unconditionally."

    - Shirley and Julian Murphy

  • Cute Pet Contest: Roxy

    "As a rescue cat, she's not always been the most affectionate cat so this picture captures one of those rare moments."

    - Charlotte

  • Cute Pet Contest: Roxy

  • Cute Pet Contest: Rua

    "Answering to 'Rua', 'Roo', 'Roobear', 'Rooster', 'Rooble', and, our father's favourite, 'Ratbag', this golden furball charms everyone she meets. Favourite hobbies include watching Gilmore Girls with her humans, chasing around the kitchen after her favourite teddy Kevin, barking at the donkey in the field next door, and taking naps in the sun."

    - Susan

  • Cute Pet Contest: Rupert & Poppy

    "Unfortunately working dogs don't get instantly noticed for their admirable looks so I had to take to dressing them up to bring out their full cuteness potential. Even though Rupert ( the collie ) and Poppy ( the jack russell ) don't look impressed I can quite assure you that no animal cruelty was involved in the making of this picture!"

  • Cute Pet Contest: Sascha

    "Sascha loves giving me cuddles (although usually at inappropriate times like 5am). He can be very mischievous and pushes his water bowl until he is sure as much floor as possible is wet. He loves Stylist! Especially when (the read bits, of course) are crumpled into little paper balls that give him hours of amusement until he lies on the floor legs akimbo panting and looking sweet."

    - Danniella Samos

  • Cute Pet Contest: Sky

    "She looks like a cartoon teddy bear with the tip of her tongue hanging out and she's so sweet when she curls up on my chest with her nose burrowed in my armpit!"

    - Anna Piela

  • Cute Pet Contest: Sooty

    "Because he's tiny!! at 7 years old he's still pretty much the same size as when we had him at 10 weeks. As an old many he has tiny little legs which support a bit of a middle aged spread and his ears never grew from when he was a baby :-) He kisses on request and is well and truly a ladies man, kissing us girlies on the lips. In fact he is a true tart! But don't be fooled by the cuteness and kisses, underneath he is a monster and a business mastermind, he has an army of of squirrels and robins which frequent his garden and bar (the conservatory...) to see him and he is a master of escapology. Handbags and shoes are all to be eaten, the washing pulled over and the candles eaten... a wolf in lambs clothing indeed.... but he's so cute!!!!"

    - Jenna Chambers

  • Cute Pet Contest: Stanley

  • Cute Pet Contest: Sylvester

    "Sylvester is the most affectionate, talkative cat I have ever met. He loves to snuggle, follows me round the house everywhere I go and is always at the door to greet me when I come home from work. He plays fetch and chatters away at every opportunity."

    - Jo Crowley

  • Cute Pet Contest: Tess

    "Because I like sneaking up on people for cuddles... and I steal cake whenever I get the chance!"

    - Gaynor Simpson

  • Cute Pet Contest: Thomas

    "Thomas is a rescue cat who loves the indoors, hates the outdoors and his favourite biscuit treats just happen to be called 'Thomas Treats'! He loves 'Thomas Time' being fussed and told how handsome he is!"

    - Helen Collier

  • Cute Pet Contest: Tia

    "She just the best dog ever, she knows even before i do if im getting fed up or upset over something and will do something silly or funny just to get me laughing, and she knows the difference between laughing and crying and behaves differently for each. Its just me and her so she gives me fantastic company and makes me feel safe. Shes very spoilt and sleeps on my bed, and likes to be touching some part of me when sleeping at night so she knows if i get up. She makes friends with every dog that will let her, and will run the length of the field just to say hello to someone then charges back to me to get on with playing. Lots of people will comment on her and ask about her, with makes me feel lucky to have her. Shes very special to me."

    - Hannah Whitling

  • Cute Pet Contest: Tiger Bopper

    "Tiger Bopper, my little pal, loves sharing my Cheerios and Heinz tomato soup, he sits on my laptop keyboard and won't move until I've tickled him under the chin, plays 'fetch' as good as any dog, sits through whole episodes of Gossip Girl curled up in my lap and always runs to give me a special nose kiss when I get in from work. He's ace and I love him, too cute."

    - Vic Bray

  • Cute Pet Contest: Tilly

    "Cute and stylish what more can I say"

    - Tina Lockett

  • Cute Pet Contest: Treacle

  • Cute Pet Contest: Tuppence

    "Tuppence is the most adorable dog - she is a true lapdog who loves being cuddled, having her hair brushed and most of all, a good chew on a soft toy! This is Tuppence in the garden with her favourite toy, Occy!"

    - Charlotte Rowley

  • Cute Pet Contest: Wallace Neville

    "Wallace is a purveyor of style and cuteness. His favourite things are Whiskas treats, marmite and being groomed. He dislikes loud noises, dogs and being ignored. He always meows before he leaves the house and on entering to announce his presence and tends to knock food items off the counter in order to steal snacks."

    - Sophie Neville

  • Cute Pet Contest: William and Coco

    "William & Coco are Siamese twins and are the silliest and cutest cats I've ever been owned by. The picture I have uploaded was taken as they had just spotted their first squirrel on the balcony. This was the start of their squirrel chasing careers which has taken them over many a garden fence. They are constantly trying to out-cute each other and to be quite honest it would be difficult to score one over the other. Dragging a live wood pigeon through the cat flap ? Cute ! Eating Tandoori chicken ? Cute!"

    - Danielle Lees

  • Cute Pet Contest: Zak

    "Just look at him! He is my best bud!"

    - Mark Burns

  • Cute Pet Contest: Ziggy

    "Ziggy is our 11 Week old Rottie puppy. He is a very well behaved little puppy who just loves to please! His only vice, is pinching all our slippers one by one (Even when we are wearing them) and storing them in his basket to sleep on lol."

    - Donna Sadler

  • Cute Pet Contest: Toby

    "Toby is the cutest chocolate labrador because he has a gorgeous loving personality, is always excited to see you and brings a smile to your face"

    - Helen Rolfe