Cute pet contest: Another batch of entries

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If there's one thing we've learnt this week, it's that Stylist readers clearly love a cute animal. We've been sent hundreds of entries for our cute pet competition, making this our fourth gallery of all your unbelievably sweet furry friends.

You can see all the entries here - but stay tuned as we'll be picking a shortlist of 30 for you to vote the ultimate cutest pet soon. Wish us luck - we don't know how we're going to choose!

  • Cute pet contest: Al

    "He may not be a cute kitten or a pocket puppy but our big fat squirrel...ok he's a the softest, most gorgeous bundle of fluff ever! This is a pic of him sleeping - so adorable." - Pip Faulks

  • Cute pet contest: Archie

    "Archie is nearly two years old (it's his birthday in April) and he makes our family complete. Whether he's jumping into one of our beds for early morning cuddles, or running round the house with his toy reindeer in his mouth, everything he does is cute defined. When he goes for walks, he runs around with his pack of friends with a big smile on his face; if he meets a big dog who he doesn't know, he lifts a paw and rolls on to his back. If he's ever naughty (he has been known to roll in fox poo...), all he has to do is look at me with his chocolate brown eyes and I fall in love with him all over again (although the smell is less than adorable...) He loves eating cucumber, lettuce and salad, and is also rather partial to slippers." - Katie Byrne

  • Cute pet contest: Archie

    "Archie is so cute but he does rule the house. As you can see he even gets all the cushions." - Christine Reid

  • Cute pet contest: Audrey

    "Someone abandoned Audrey on Christmas Eve and when I went to the shelter on the 28th December, this little bundle ran over to my little sister and licked her to within an inch of her life. But she hasn't let her wee trauma hold her back, she is a classy lady and has settled in with me like she's always been here. I could send a million pictures, her sipping my red wine when I'm not looking, her lying tucked up in her velvet bed, her at the park chasing ducks in case I fancied making duck a l'orange for her dinner etc. However, I have chosen this, here she is using her innocent face after she has just slobbered all over my silk cushion!" - Sarah Thoms

  • Cute pet contest: Bailey

    "Ginger and proud, Bailey is a rescued cat who is very sociable - he has at least 3 other homes! He loves food (a boy after my own heart), sleeping (ditto) and nights on the tiles (particularly the neighbour's roof)." - Jacqui Taylor

  • Cute pet contest: Basil

    "He turned up on our doorstep one day and has been a cheeky, straight talking, cuddly ball of joy ever since." - Amy Woodhouse

  • Cute pet contest: Bella

    "We always get stopped on the streets and her head turning rate is 100% and I just <3 her..." - Luru Wei

  • Cute pet contest: Biba

    "Biba is our 2-year old mini-rex rescue rabbit. She's a mischievous little girl with fur as soft as velvet, the original 'velveteen bunny'! She's named after BIBA, the iconic sixties clothing brand and lives up to her monniker with a penchant for handbags: all have little nicks where the little girl has munched on them. We've learnt never to leave a bag on the floor when this little madam is around!" - Fabiola

  • Cute pet contest: Billy

    "He is so loving and constantly just rests his paw on my hands or feet as if to say 'you're not going anywhere'" - Sheila Edwards

  • Cute pet contest: Biscuit and Cinnamon

    "My boy's love cuddling up with each other, one minute they are running around like mad and the next minute they just melt my heart all curled up together." - Margaret Roberts

  • Cute pet contest: Blue

    "Blue is the cutest pet, she is fun-loving and mischevious too. She especially loves to play hide and seek with me in the garden. Everyone that meets her, says that she is such an adorable pretty little thing." - Suzanne Whaley

  • Cute pet contest: Blue

    "Loves chicken, hates foxes, likes laying on her back." - Clare Falconer

  • Cute pet contest: Bo

    "12-week-old cockapoo Bo loves wearing her bandana after jumping in the shower with everyone in the moring to keep her coat extra soft and fluffy!!" - Kara Ratcliffe

  • Cute pet contest: Bob

    "He is a big attention seeker and has the cute face down to a T! He loves cuddles as well! I cannot get enough!" - Katherine Brice

  • Cute pet contest: Bones

    "My little daxie Bones is absolutely adorable and cute because of his fiesty behaviour! He's the love of my life and I let him run circles around me because he's just too cute to say NO to :-) Whenever I put on an outfit (which is quite rare) that is not to his liking, he roots himself to one spot and pretends that he's asleep!!!! It's an absolutely hilarious spectacle to watch this little dog stand his ground." - Riva Padayachee

  • Cute pet contest: Bruce

    "Just look at her :)" - Clemmie Pearson

  • Cute pet contest: Buddy

    "Just look at those eyes! Buddy is full of the joys all spring all year round, there's never a dull day with him!" - Lizzie McQuade

  • Cute pet contest: Buddy

    "Here's my chihuahua Buddy trying to imitate his favourite toy pug! He's only 9 months old and is a tiny fella, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in cuteness! He's a real character - a most affectionate and funny pet. Everybody that Buddy meets falls completely in love with him!" - Jo

  • Cute pet contest: Bunk

    "Bunk is a rescue dog who has brightened up our lives with his big personality. He loves to cuddle and especially loves to sneak into our bed for a nap!" - Emma Bratchell

  • Cute pet contest: Canello

    "Canello is the cutest because he has the softest fur, the stickiest tongue and the biggest heart." - Theo Nanidis

  • Cute pet contest: Captain Oates

    "The hair is the best and you've got to love her little ginger explorer's moustache." - Charlotte Fellingham

  • Cute pet contest: Charles

    "With his stunning blue eyes and cute little button nose, Charles is simply gorgeous." - Maria

  • Cute pet contest: Cheryl

    "Big ears, a silky curly coat and a big personality!" - Sian To

  • Cute pet contest: Chester Copperpot

    "Chester is the most adorable puppy in the world!! He can be a little naughty and mischievious at times - which adds to his funny character, but he is also extremely loving and very intelligent. When its time for him to show off his tricks (sit, lay down, roll over), he sometimes does them all at once without even hearing the commands! all he is interested in is his treat at the end!!" - Christina Wright-Lyons

  • Cute pet contest: Chip

    "He is simply the cutest because he has 2-inch legs and floppy ears! He is the best, loves snuggling and sleeping." - Faye Smith

  • Cute pet contest: Cloud

    "She is kind, cuddly and let's you kiss her anywhere." - Sandra

  • Cute pet contest: Coco-Bean

    "Coco is the best dog anyone could ever ask for. She is now nearly 4 years old and is a cute as she was on the day I picked her up as a puppy! She is a typical dog and loves her walks (and crazy runs), loves playing with toys from her toy box and loves a cuddle. Even when you come home from work, having had a hard day, she has a way of making you instantly pick up as she is so excited to have you home. She has the cutest puppy dog eyes still, a Pug-like curly tail and the fit Beagle physique. You need only Google the breed: Puggle to see for yourself there is not cuter breed of dog and Coco-Bean is definitely one of the cutest!" - Emma Lancelotte

  • Cute pet contest: Coco Chanel and Lola Ferrar

    "My girls are the cutest ever because they do everything together and love nap time. They are sisters and have just turned 2 years old. They love tummy tickles and cuddles and love playing together and hiding in shopping bags. They bring us presents like frogs and spiders because they love us! They sleep on my bed at night and always know which is their side. The have to win because they are cuter than any other cats and black cats are just as cute as tabbies and tortoises!!" - Carla Vallonchini

  • Cute pet contest: Coco

    "Well she is an utter madam. With those lovely big brown eyes she melts your heart in seconds. She has a wonderful nature and wants everyone to ensure she is the centre of attention. Why shouldn't she :)" - Karen Lancaster

  • Cute pet contest: Curly Fry

    "Are you kidding! Look at his photo!" - Kellie Dolan

  • Cute pet contest: Daisy

    "Daisy is so adorable. She's so full of energy, fun and love that it's intoxicating" - Nathan Davies

  • Cute pet contest: Dexter

    "Dexter is the soppiest kitten I've ever met... the second I sit down he's straight into my lap for a snuggle, and covers his eyes with his paws if the TV is on loud!" - Laura Gates

  • Cute pet contest: Dixie

    "Dixie is the cutest pet simply because every time you look her you can't help but want to pick her and squeeze her. Her big black eyes are like butter wouldn't melt! :)" - Sahar Bluck

  • Cute pet contest: Dolly Parton

    "Dolly only looks cute after four Old Fashioned Cocktails (me, not her) and if you squint really, really hard. Looks aren't everything, right? After all cuteness is in the eye of the beholder and this bird is big on personality. There's nothing more heart warming than a pet that Edgar-Allan-Poe-knocks on your cat-flap, terrorises the neighbourhood's veg patches, consumes whole mice in one elegant gulp and shows her love by pecking at your Chanel pedicure. They say pets start to look like their owners. Or owners start to resemble their pets. Or something. Dolly is my twin: with the same Linda Evangelista red hair, insatiable hunger for corn-based products and sensual sashay. If you don't agree she's cute, what does that say about me? Well? Stop being so hen-ist. Who needs cute fluff and fur when you can lay breakfast? Oh... (Come on folks, see past the ugly bird and look at the cute kid.)" - Elsie Anderton

  • Cute pet contest: Doug and Frank

    "We are the cutest pugs LIKE EVOR.... We love nothing better than cuddling up to our Mummy... But when she is not here we love nothing more than chewing her Jimmy Choos....!" - Joanne

  • Cute pet contest: Fidget

    "Fidget is the epitome of his name! He's a little fidget. Here he is wearing his scarf...its cold to keep his ears warm..." - Damien Poole

  • Cute pet contest: Fifi

    "My lovely long-haired cat Fifi is absolutely adorable! She has lovely long, soft fur and feels loves to be cuddled. She's also a bit of a princess and very spoiled!" - Sarah Burke

  • Cute pet contest: Frank

    "Because he's THE most adorable cat you'll ever see, he's always following his owner around the house craving attention... and he's certainly not camera shy :-)" - Zoë Gibbs

  • Cute pet contest: Franklyn Oliver Baxter

    "Franklyn is just too adorable with his cheeky attitude and love for attention!" - Sinead Baxter

  • Cute pet contest: Freddie

    "He is a 21 month old white maine coone boy he is so good looking and has a cute miaow and the ways he gets excited by birds from the window" - Jayne Hall

  • Cute pet contest: Freddie

    "Even with his little legs Freddie makes it to the highest peaks to enjoy the view!" - Melanie Whittington

  • Cute pet contest: George & Billie's Babies

    "These are the pups of George and Billie, the family Weimaraners who are competing for cutest puppy with each other so they find a new home!" - Fionnuala Corr

  • Cute pet contest: George Clooney

    "He is the image of Mr Clooney himself!!!" - Kaly Kanauros

  • Cute pet contest: George

    "My bunny rabbit George is the cutest pet because he is so tiny and sweet! One of a litter of five, he was only a month old when this was photo taken and would fit into the palm of a hand. He's 50% fluff I think, though his tiny ears and funny personality make up for it! He's very curious (curious George!), and likes to run about your lap sniffing and burrowing into dark places, like the crook of your elbow." - Paula Cogan

  • Cute pet contest: Georgie

    "Georgie is the cutest because of his collection of hats, here he is wearing his favourite party hat and patiently waiting for his birthday cake." - Laura

  • Cute pet contest: Giove Domingo LaToya Goodwin-Malici

    "Giove loves sleeping, chasing leaves and dressing up - when he thinks no-one is looking! He is very affectionate and always wakes us up in the morning by sniffing our faces! He also likes to eat chips!" - Ben Goodwin

  • Cute pet contest: Gordon

    "Gordon is the happiest little guinea pig around! He's always making his cute little noises and demanding attention and delicious parsley! He loves splashing around in the bath and getting shampooed up!" - Christine Brooks

  • Cute pet contest: Hazel

    "Hazel is a the sweetest and most loving dog I know. She channels her energy into her active social life with people and dogs alike. She is very affectionate and does not like to see people unhappy. If she comes across someone having a bad day she kisses them until they smile. She loves to play with her toys and knows them all by name. Her favourite is her Chewy Vuitton handbag that she carries by its strap everywhere she goes. She loves being out and about with her friends and gets stopped at least once a week by someone who asks to take her photo!!! Everyone loves Hazel because she is the cutest." - Emily

  • Cute pet contest: Hector

    "He is adorable, even if in this picture he looks like he's at a crime scene!" - Gillian Hitchen

  • Cute pet contest: Henry

    "Henry is such a Mummy's boy! As soon as I turn the lamp off at night, he lays down next to my face and literally holds my hand with his paw (he gets upset if I don't give him my hand and starts going under the cover and grabbing at my hand until I put it up on the pillow for him to place his paw on it!!) He remains there, cuddling up to me and holding hands with me until I fall asleep - he's such a big baby! Not only is he mega-cute, but he is also extremely handsome, and such a big, cuddly baby! When my youngest kitten arrived, my older two cats were horrible to her, but Henry cuddled straight up to her, and allowed her to nuzzle around his belly. He plays with her constantly,washes her all the time, and 'mothers' her - it is soooo cute!!! (The picture included here is of my Big Henry watching over his little friend Dottie as she plays). Henry is such a special little man, and I just couldn't live without him... he got very poorly a couple of months ago and nearly died. I was terrified!! I would be completely lost without him! He is definitely the cutest cat on the planet!" - Rachel Dooley

  • Cute pet contest: Henry

    "Because he is so fluffy, bashful and the one thing he loves most in the world is a cuddle! How can you say no to him?!" - Alice Hall

  • Cute pet contest: Honey

    "She has a really loud purr and hides in funny places." - Aimee Rowlands

  • Cute pet contest: Horatio

    "Horatio is a gorgeous little guinea pig who loved cuddles and sitting on my shoulder like a parrot. Sadly, he passed away last year but he's always in our thoughts - especially when we've still got his gorgeous brother Gordon to look after." - Hollie-Anne Brooks

  • Cute pet contest: Jake

    "Jake has 3 favourite things to do, sleep, play with a ball and more sleep. The sleeping should be preferably on the sofa or better still on my bed. Should I attempt to move him from my bed, I get given the grumpiest look there ever was and Jake will move as slowly as possibly from his position. He follows me everywhere and I do mean everywhere. Even if I take a bath, he'll follow me in and try to eat the bubbles or rest his head on the side of the bath waiting for me to emerge. It was dificult to choose a picture to upload on account of his cuteness, but perhaps I'm just biased." - Helen Sherwood

  • Cute pet contest: James

    "I've had my little man James since he was 6 weeks old and we do everything together, I think you'll agree that he has the chubbiest most grabbable little cheeks you've ever seen!! There's nothing better than waking up to that sweet little face in a morning :)" - Amy Rennocks

  • Cute pet contest: Jasper

    "He was 8 weeks old (only 14 weeks now) in this picture and although he is chewing his bed he is too cute to be told off." - Sara Bertie

  • Cute pet contest: Jean-Luc

    "She brings her green string all the way down stairs for us to play with." - Catherine Gautrey

  • Cute pet contest: Jensen

    "He is a bear cub and a dog rolled into one. His paws are too big for him so he walks with a certain swagger!" - Ella Pocock

  • Cute pet contest: Kasper

    "He's a Siberian husky with striking blue eyes, and always ready for a cuddle but is getting a bit big now for sitting on my knee; a gentle giant" - Jane Orford

  • Cute pet contest: Leo

    "Leo is the cutest cat as he is just SO chilled out and affectionate and has the loveliest blue eyes! I hope everyone else agrees! ;-) P.S. He's also a massive sucker for roast chicken....!!!" - Janine Wiltshire

  • Cute pet contest: Link

    "Link or Linky Lou is just the silliest cat ever...He is sooo loving that most evenings I find it impossible to type as he comes and tries to sit on my head! He is actually obsessed with my keyboard and has posted on FB and sent a Tweet which said Poui !! You can do anything to him as you can see from the picture - he decided to be my present and he is certainly 'Just what I've always wanted!'" - Lynn Fanc

  • Cute pet contest: Lizzy

    "Lizzy was a runt and the only pup to be born, she is the cutest Pug because she was almost a 1/3 smaller than a normal Pug. She loved to sniff people but you'd have to be really still or she would get scared, she loved going for walks with my other dogs Melody and Luke and would occasionally get protective when the postman arrived by barking and hiding behind Luke the labrador. Lizzy passed away 4 years ago, we all miss her very much. x" - Alexander Clouston

  • Cute pet contest: Lizzy

    "Lizzy is the cutest out there, not just because she is amazingly beautiful but she still loves to play loads! She is very active and unlike other cats isn't lazy, she's also very much her own boss and does as she pleases often turning her back on guests if she feels they've outstayed their welcome. She also speaks to me down the phone which is extremely cute!!!" - Nadia Travers

  • Cute pet contest: Lola

    "Lola is the Joan Collins of cats - a total princess who poses, pouts and has no fear of her boisterous doggie companion Marley. In fact, he adores her - often giving her a small kiss!" - Ali Henderson

  • Cute pet contest: Lottie

    "Lottie the Minature Schnauzer is so cute she can even carry off a beard and a fashionable heavy brow. Here she's effortlessly modelling the Birthday Bow." - Emily Churches

  • Cute pet contest: Lucifer

    "Lucifer is the cutest pet because despite being named after the devil she greets me every day when I get home from work purring constantly until I make a big fuss of her :) Coming home wouldn't be the same without her there....Plus she is only the size of my glove!" - Lisa Shadafza

  • Cute pet contest: Lulu

    "She's fun, friendly and I love it when she does her meerkat impression." - Zoe Corbin

  • Cute pet contest: Lulu

    "Here is Lulu at 12 weeks old demonstrating how good she is at 'sit', and looking very pleased with herself indeed." - S Edwards

  • Cute pet contest: Matilda

    "Tilda is the cutest because she recognises my voice and comes to the cage door for a kiss" - Daisy

  • Cute pet contest: Millie

    "Millie is the cutest pet because she loves to wrap up warm in her stylish doggy parker. She's only a year old but has a better grasp on the latest trends than I do." - Amy Jones

  • Cute pet contest: Milo

    "Milo is the cutest Yorkshire Terrier ever! People stop me in the street to tell me that he is smiling!! His temperament is as sweet as his face." - Roberta Tobias

  • Cute pet contest: Milo

    "Our little Milo is the cutest little sleepy puppy. She loves to curl up at your feet or on your knee for a snuggle any time of the day. I love how her tail and nose are touching in this photograph!" - Laura

  • Cute pet contest: Mina

    "Mina is possibly the laziest puppy on the planet and never misses her beauty sleep! She especially loves snuggling up on my lap... Zzzzzz..." - Alessandra Galeota

  • Cute pet contest: Misty

    "She sneaks under the covers for a cuddle" - June Falconer

  • Cute pet contest: Molly

    "Molly is a very special little rabbit. She is full of character and genuinely enjoys all human company. She is confident 'talking' to everyone, even strangers, and is always friendly. She is a fan of sitting on shoulders, a pirate's parrot in a past life perhaps? She loves attention and soon gets it back with cheeky nose nudges if you become distracted. Ever in charge, playtime in the garden only ends when Molly is bored making for some entertaining dashes around & around chasing her home before it gets dark! She favours interesting treats such as Shreddies & spinach although she's never been fond of carrots. She surprises everyone she meets with her sensational personality that outshines her dwarf size. She really is the best pet!" - Annie

  • Cute pet contest: Molly

    "Because she thinks she's human. After she'd been spayed we had to stop her licking the stitches so put this T-shirt on her. She looked so pleased with herself wearing it and kept it on all night." - Chloe Digby-Jones

  • Cute pet contest: Mr Darcy

    "Mr Darcy is a true romantic and will never break your heart. He is the most adorable West Highland Terrier with a huge personality and energy to match. He loves to stalk his toys like a little lion and cuddle up at night time before to go to sleep!" - Kirsty McAlpine

  • Cute pet contest: Pasta

    "A stylish air of arrogance and superiority bundled up in fur!" - Darren Sharp

  • Cute pet contest: Penelope Baby and Pipkin Blossom

    "These are my two inseparable house bunnies, Penelope and Pipkin. They have been 'married' for 7 months now and love being together to create total mischief! They enjoying ganging up on mama at bedtime by running in opposite directions, eating books from the bottom shelf, hiding under the armchair, feeding each other salad and snuggling on the rug. I couldn't enter them separately as they look too cute as a couple!" - Felicity Guard

  • Cute pet contest: Penny

    "She's just the most loyal dog, but so cute - you think she is listening but then she ignores me and does what she wants anyway!!!!!!!!!!" - Emma Brown

  • Cute pet contest: Petunia

    "Petunia Pug is the epitome of cute! Snoring, sleeping and burping are her specialities! Her little face is always full of expression. She is my world!"

  • Cute pet contest: Pumpkin

    "Pumpkin can be found under the duvet every morning, chasing toes like they are mice. And again in the afternoon, sleeping off a strenuous morning of eating, playing and climbing curtains. She might be the smallest member of the household but she knows how to make herself heard. She is mischievious, inquisitive, playful and sweet. She loves being carried around and will happily sit on a shoulder or in a hood, so long as she's not missing out on any of the action. Her favourite toy is a tiny woolly hat - swiped from the top of an Innocent smoothie bottle!"

  • Cute pet contest: Rasputin

    "You can see why Raspu is the cutest... when he's asleep! You have to fear the moment when he wakes up, though :)" - Chiara

  • Cute pet contest: Ripley

    "She has the floppiest ears around and beautiful big brown eyes" - Marcella Pike

  • Cute pet contest: Rocky

    "Look at those gorgeous chocolate brown puppy dog eyes! He's nearly 6 now, but still as cute as ever!" - Karen Travers

  • Cute pet contest: Rocky Horror

    "Rocky is a very clever little jack russell. His terrier instincts mean he's inquisitive and full of energy. But behind closed doors he's the most loving dog in the world. He'll squeeze himself under my arm for cuddles and rest his head on my shoulder. After a long day at the office it's so lovely to come home to Rocky who is always full of joy and so excited to see you. He constantly makes my boyfriend and I laugh, running into trees that he didn't see because he was looking up at a squirrel, wrapping himself up in his blankets so tight he can't move and looks like an Egyptian mummy! Not so long ago, we were in the middle of a rather heated discussion about football being on the TV yet again, I looked over at Rocky and he was sitting at the top of the stairs with the remote control in his mouth. It was definitely a cheesy film moment and we soon forgot what we were arguing about. In the photo I've attached, Rocky Horror is wearing a rather lovely vintage jumper dress. This dress did in fact belong to me and was one of my favourites! Until I put it in the washing machine and it came it out a quarter of it's original size. Rocky seemed more than happy to cheer me up by wearing it one evening when we had friends over for dinner :) just another reason I love him so much! I'd be so happy if he won this competition, he's cheeky, a little bit naughty, funny, and most definitely cute. He might not be the fluffiest or most adorable puppy in the world, but his sense of humour makes up for it, and don't they say beauty is on the inside? :)" - Sophie Davies

  • Cute pet contest: Ruby

    "She's a little devil child and you'll always catch her doing something she shouldn't be! She's the boss :o)" - Ben Abbott

  • Cute pet contest: Scout Newton

    "As if her huge blue eyes weren't enough to win you over...Scout wins extra cute points with her playful and loving nature. She's a fluffy, stripey little ball of energy and mischief, and manages to look adorable even through bleary eyes at 5am when she insists on being fed. She is very protective of her sister Pumpkin - constantly cleaning and cuddling her. she even cried watching her have her temperature taken at the vet!! Scout loves hiding in boxes and paper bags and sleeps curled up in my shoes - she obviously has an eye for fashion too :)" - Danielle Newton

  • Cute pet contest: Seamus and Niamh

    "Twin brother and sister, who can't be separated for even a moment. They are the cutest whippets ever, who love nothing more than to sleep on each other." - Annie-Jo Poole

  • Cute pet contest: Shamu

    "Shamu the ginger dwarf lop bunny loves nothing more than being wrapped up in a fleece blanket and cuddled for hours on end! (Just like a baby!) She also loves to eat dandelions and cheesy biscuits!" - Kirsty Rendle

  • Cute pet contest: Snow white

    "This little baby is full of cuteness, she likes sitting by the radiator and have her snooze, she snores a little. When she is done with that, she hops around the house, sniffing at things, making her way upstairs, looking for me and will nudge me if dinner is late! She won't move an inch when her head is being stroked. She is also full of cheekiness and surprises." - Sarah Cheung

  • Cute pet contest: Stella

    "Stella is a Pom crossed with a Jack Russell so super smart and very cheeky with the biggest most adorable, scrappy spirit. She automatically jumps into peoples bags to be carried, not something I encouraged as a puppy, so not sure where she gets this from. She sleeps on her back with paws spread eagle or with her head tucked under the covers. She barked at the two terrifyingly, huge bailiffs who wrongly came to claim some work stuff from a friend and then proceeded to hang off the guys trouser leg. She smiles and shakes her head when she is happy and loves everyone to pieces. She manages a gallery in Notting Hill so very skilled and a great people's dog with an eye for the arts. I love her dearly, she is mine and I am hers...she is the cutest thing who stops a crowd at any given time. It's the little ones you have to look...." - Alison Daniel

  • Cute pet contest: Sunday

    "Because he loves me and I love him." - Biba To

  • Cute pet contest: Teddy

    "Teddy is the loveliest boy in the world. He is like a cheeky beautiful cloud. He is so happy to be alive and excited by everything and everyday. His favourite hobby is to have a big long hug and to roll on his back and have his tummy stroked. I have honestly never had the company of a better little boy than our Ted." - Rona Harding

  • Cute pet contest: Tessie

    "Because she has too small legs for her body so she has the weirdest wobbly walk ever and it makes me smile everyday bless her! :) x" - Claire Power

  • Cute pet contest: Thomas

    "Even though he's getting a bit old, he's still playful like a kitten. He likes to have a cuddle in your arms, cradled like a baby, and falls asleep in the funniest positions." - Megan Jane

  • Cute pet contest: Timmy

    "Timmy was the only ginger kitten in the litter, given birth by his previously abandoned mother. Timmy is a special little boy full of fun and playfulness.We lost our old cat to a tumour a few months before, so Timmy has brought life into the household again. He loves to pounce on his siblings and snuggle under the duvet when you are sleeping. Timmy loves to force himself and push his siblings out of the way when feeding from his mother. Timmy is a bundle of joy loved by everybody." - Kim

  • Cute pet contest: Toby

    "Toby is the cutest chocolate labrador because he has a gorgeous loving personality, is always excited to see you and brings a smile to your face" - Helen Rolfe

  • Cute pet contest: Todd

    "He is the soppiest cat alive, and when he curls up (in the pic) like this you can't help say Ahhhh" - Catherine Coast

  • Cute pet contest: Twiglet

    "She's a little terror but with such a cheeky face, its hard to be mad at her for jumping on your face at 3am!" - Geoff

  • Cute pet contest: Vinny

    "We nickname Vinny Nanny McFee because he looks out for the children like a nanny..If you raise you voice to scold them for doing something wrong he growls to tell you to stop. Not in a nasty way but he lets you know he doesn't like it..And when the oldest sleeps out he will lie on the youngest child's bed until they fall asleep before leaving the room...He so loves the girls and shows it to everyone..He is such a happy loving dog and we couldn't be without him...." - Greta Blacklock

  • Cute pet contest: Watson

    "He has such personality! Watching him snack on a dandelion is one of the cutest things I have ever seen. He doesn't really eat the flowers because he is manly." - Marcus

  • Cute pet contest: William

    "He's tiny and fluffy and has huge floppy ears, which is a great start! But he's also hilariously funny and very obviously looks down his twitchy nose at us for everything we do. He also follows us around like a puppy, which is very cute even if we do trip over him several times a day." - Sarah Maltby

  • Cute pet contest: Zak

    "Zak is a retired greyhound who has had a hard working life, now that his running days are over he likes nothing better than to sit in the garden relaxing in his flip-flops!" - Susan Reilly

  • Cute pet contest: Zazu

    "Zazu looks like a cross between Bagpuss and Garfield. Her fur makes her look like a teddy bear. Her eyes are like an owl- round and amber. She likes to be around you, but will usually sit in the room with her back to you, just so you don't think she likes you *too* much. She will eat ANYTHING if given half the chance - she once fished out a garlic bread baguette from a shopping bag, opened the cellophane and ate it! - and her favourite thing is to get into plastic shopping bags. You can even carry her around in them!" - Nadia Ammar

  • Cute pet contest: Zena

    "Zena is the cutest because throughout 5 long years of me being severely ill, leaving me housebound and in bed most of the time she sat with me every single day, making sure I was ok and licking away my tears! If that doesn't make her the cutest, most caring, loving, loyal pet I don't know what does! Her interests include catching her ball in the air like a seal, talking (yes, really), running around the dining table, giving you her paw for no apparant reason and chasing and mock-stalking her biscuit around like prey. She is the best!"

  • Cute pet contest: Abigail and Ginger

    "Abigail and Ginger (aka the Naughty Tortie and the Ginger Whinger) love promoting dog literacy, being stylish (at all times), and world peace. They believe that kittens are the future." - Amanda Carter

  • Cute pet contest: Alan

    "Because despite being badly treated in the past, then abandoned and ending up at Battersea Dogs Home he is now the most loving, cuddly and cat friendly Lurcher there ever was! And he deserves the fame and recognition Stylist could bring him!" - Sam Burgess

  • Cute pet contest: Amber

    "Well, I am totally biased, but Amber really is the cutest, most beautiful dog in the world. Just look at that big old nose - don't you just want to give her a BIG kiss?? She does Hi-Fives, burps like a human and spends her life sleeping on the sofa. And I wouldn't have her any other way. And no, you can't borrow her!!" - Susie Clayton

  • Cute pet contest: Archie

    "My mum has arthritis in her hip and finds it difficult to get out of a chair - when Archie, who is a much larger than usual Golden Retriever sees her struggling he goes over and stands in front so she can lean on him to get up - now she just has to say help me up and he runs over!" - William May

  • Cute pet contest: Atticus

    "I rescued Atticus from a shelter nearly two years ago when he was a few weeks old after being found abandoned, and now he is a lovely, cuddly, chubby house bunny. He loves watching TV and being one of the family, and always licks any available skin if you're holding him. He's a very good boy, fully litter trained, and always bounds over to the first person to visit him in the morning for a cuddle and lick. He loves being held and going for walks in the garden, and he could be in the market for a lady friend some time soon now that he's two!" - Stacey Bartlett

  • Cute pet contest: Barlow

    "Despite being only nine weeks old, Barlow already has a great little character. His favourite things to do are eat mud, sunbathe, run round the washing line, wee under our wingback chair when we're not looking and watch EastEnders. His favourite food is banana and he likes to fall asleep listening to Radio 4." - Siobhan Harley

  • Cute pet contest: Barney

    "Barney is just the best behaved Springer in the world" - Debbie Lewis

  • Cute pet contest: Batman

    "Batman the Bostie, loves nothing more than sunbathing, staring out the window and playing with his buddies in the park. He's a cheeky little chap who will steal your seat on the sofa before you've even stood up, but we wouldn't have him any other way!" - Amy Page

  • Cute pet contest: Baxter

    "Who doesn't think hedgehogs are cute? This hedgehog is a captive-bred African Pygmy Hedgehog originally from Canada. Baxter really enjoys being outside and playing in the garden, so here he is sitting contentedly in a pile of autumn leaves." - Jill Johnson

  • Cute pet contest: Bear

    "We named him Bear after a polar bear as he was so white and fluffy. But he is super cute mainly because he is so loving towards children and women (he's a little ladies man), and he loves cwtches (hugs)." - Dena Mohamed

  • Cute pet contest: Bernard

    "Born in Missouri, Bernard Hunter S. Thompson spent his formative first year in the Big Apple, NYC, becoming quite an attraction on the Lower East Side and enjoying a Central Park frolic every Sunday morning. Relocating to Brighton late last year, the beach has now become his local stomping ground, dragging whoever happens to be at the other end of the lead down there at every opportunity. An all round healthy pooch (carrot, cucumber, and apple are his favorite snacks) Bernard like nothing more than a cup of builders tea and a nap under the couch after a hard day of pouncing on rubber chickens, chasing stones, and humping his lady-pillow. Want proof that he is the cutest? That pillow never puts up a fight. Woof!" - Philip Caine

  • Cute pet contest: Bertie

    "A real-life teddy-bear, Bertie likes PDAs, human noses and toast." - Rachel Roberts

  • Cute pet contest: Bisto

    "Bisto is seriously affectionate, his favourite thing to do is put his paw up on your lap and then gently nudge your arm with his snout. He also has the fastest tongue in the west, which he uses to kiss all of us with. His favourite toy is my old teddy bear that, he actually tucks up in his basket - he chews everything but he has never attempted to chew Farty Bear (the teddy bear's name). Anyway he may not be as fluffy and sweet as the small dogs and kittens but he truly is a (wo)man's best friend." - Cordelia Rosa

  • Cute pet contest: Blixen

    "Unmatched character, abundance of charm and just a touch of sophistication. With soft floppy ears that send jealous elephants running to the nearest salon, and Cruella Deville weighing up costings for a new pair of mittens, this little fella will cover you with kisses and chase play with your kittens." - Caroline af Rosenborg

  • Cute pet contest: Bob

    "Bob is the cutest because he sits and watches cartoons with my son and is so gentle with me 20-month-old daughter. He is so loving and a little bit silly as he still hasnt mastered the stairs and he is 4yrs old." - Sara Guy

  • Cute pet contest: Boo

    "This is Boo. A cat with a bag fetish!" - Emilie Dadswell

  • Cute pet contest: Branston Pickle

    "Branston Pickle is 3 months old. He is such a force of personality that in those 3 short months he has completely out-named the original Branston Pickle. Eating a Cheese & Branston Pickle sandwich for lunch just doesn't sound right anymore. He is a serial Peeper. In this picture he is peeping over the bath, I tried to tell him that this was unacceptable bath-time behaviour but he's just all about the peeping. The best thing about Branston is that it is impossible to be sad or grumpy around him. I may hire him out as a professional cheer-you-upper." - Louise Richardson

  • Cute pet contest: Bunty

    "My cat, Bunty, is one of the fattest and funniest fluffy fur balls around! Her dramatic demeanour is positively adorable! She is more like a dog with regards to her friendly nature, preferring to snuggle up on your lap at all hours of the day than explore the garden or sneak off independently like other cats. She is by far the cutest, cuddliest cat you can find! And that is why she should win!" - Sophie Ralls

  • Cute pet contest: Chad

    "Just look at those ears!... and big paws. He's adorable, can be nutty, and loves to cuddle." - Jon Easton

  • Cute pet contest: Charles

    "My 8 week Teacup Yorkie Charles is the cutest pup ever!! He needs lots of love and attention like any baby and goes bonkers when I whistle! He looks beautiful in his little blanket when he wants to sleep and shudders when he is cold. He loves nibbling noses and is very gentle with children, a perfect pup. He is also due a girl companion who I shall be calling Camilla and there will be a royal wedding!! Horrah!!" - Nicola Bradley

  • Cute pet contest: Cheeks

    "She is the cutest because she is the biggest fluff ball I have ever seen. Plus she is a little madam, strutting around the house seducing any male guest who crosses her pat. She loves chasing foil balls and foot fights." - Gabriella Weekes

  • Cute pet contest: Rollie

    "Meet Rollie the ninja killer cat. "Awwh" I hear you cry, please don't be fooled!!!. He looks like a certain brand of cat food cat. Firstly he has a taste for fine food, he often brings home French Brie, watercress and cheddar cheese. We love love him as he is cute and fluffy and loves fun and he is oh so stylish.. as you can see! He loves French cuisine it is his favourite.." - Claire Toplis

  • Cute pet contest: Chloe

    "Chloe is 10yrs old. With age comes great wisdom, she can often be found deep in thought... who knows what she's pondering." - Kathryn Pedley

  • Cute pet contest: Coco

    "Coco Chanel would be proud of my super chic cat...she even makes balloons look like a must have fashion accessory!" - Barbara

  • Cute pet contest: Coco

    "Coco is the cutest because she has bad hair days too!" - Anne-Gaelle

  • Cute pet contest: Coco

    "Eliciting squeals, fluffy, palm-sized and smaller than a Sky TV remote, how could she possibly NOT be the cutest? She's realised how highly her cute factor ranks, though, and now greedily performs to audiences." - Alena Walker

  • Cute pet contest: Daisy

    "Daisy had a bad accident a few months ago and lost an eye - but she is still every bit as cute, especially when she snuggles on your knee for a snooze. She loves tuna, cuddles and turning our tortoise over with her paw." - Poorna Bell

  • Cute pet contest: Darcy

    "Darcy's three favourite things to chase are: butterflies, leaves and her own shadow! She will spend hours upon hours getting into all sorts of mischief in the garden but then loves nothing better than to curl up on your lap and watch television. Despite being 6 she still acts like a puppy but has this more grown-up side to her where she will look you deep in the eyes and melt your heart over and over again." - Fiona

  • Cute pet contest: Delilah

    "In true X Factor sob story style, Delilah was secretly pregnant when I got her - and this resulted in me delivering a lone, stillborn kitten when I'd had her for just three weeks. Since then, we've been closer than ever - she purrs constantly, enjoys sleeping on my head, and is able to turn the television on with her paws. Once, I swear she said "I love you"... although admittedly, I'd had a few glasses of wine at the time. Even friends of mine who weren't previously cat lovers have been turned by Delilah, and my boyfriend (that's his foot in the photo) has miraculously overcome his cat allergy because he adores her so much - it must be those bewitching amber eyes. Being a house cat, poor Delilah doesn't get out much, but she'd love it if her mummy went to Paris and brought her back a little something - she likes playing with paper bags and would love one from Chanel (plus she's so cute that there are always dozens of friends queuing up to cat-sit). Delilah feels like cats with voluptuous figures like hers are under-represented by the media, and she'd love to show that curvy cats can be cute too." - Isabel Mohan

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